The EPA Needs $21 Billion & 230,000 New Bureaucrats


In order for the EPA to fully implement their new and upcoming regulations, they will need $21 billion and 230,000 more government workers on the unsustainable government payroll. They will use their power to shut down coal, gas and oil while they step up their stealing of land, regulating your food, and putting their nose in every aspect of your business. They claim they will only implement them partially, but we all know how that goes, they will grow and grow until they can fully implement them.

In just over four decades, the EPA has federalized local environmental problems and became involved in “anxiety and nutrition,” social and economic issues, and aging. Now it wants to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, a charge it was never granted by Congress. Adding 230,000 new workers and spending an extra $21 billion a year simply sounds like business as usual…Read here:

Read how the EPA uses their time and consider whether you want 230,000 more of them on the loose: EPA torturing the average person.


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