The Fast & Furious Investigation Destroyed Lives Including Those of the Whistleblowers


Fast & Furious is important for many reasons. Not only did we lose an agent, possibly two, but over 200 Mexicans died as a result of this botched operation. A lot of people are not aware that Fast & Furious guns also took down a military helicopter. [Examiner]

There is another reason – the people who came forward to tell the truth, at great personal expense, deserve justice. We have an obligation to the whistleblowers who sacrificed everything. The Fast & Furious debacle has resulted in no one being held responsible except the whistleblowers.

At the time that the three whistleblowers testified about the failed operation, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, warned the Department of Justice that “Any attempt to retaliate against them for their testimony today would be unfair, unwise and unlawful.”

Sen. Grassley’s statement fell on deaf ears. The whistleblowers were rewarded for risking everything with significant personal and professional damage when they should have been given medals for their courage and sense of duty.

The interesting aspect to all this is that the liberals, including Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank, have insisted on laws to protect whistleblowers, laws which did not include the Fast & Furious whistleblowers. []

Nancy Pelosi, upon adding whistleblower protections to the Stimulus, said that it was inconceivable the “people’s business had been conducted for so long without ‘whistleblower’ protections to encourage every public employee to do the right thing.”

“At last we have a President who believes we must both shine a bright light on our government and let the voices of those who speak the truth be heard loud and clear,” Pelosi wrote on her House site.

Nancy Pelosi is amoral but that is for another story.

This is what has happened to the Fast & Furious whistleblowers, Dodson, Alt, and Forcelli  [Fox News] –

Dodson was told he was toxic and could no longer work in Phoenix. With sole custody of two teenagers and under water on his house mortgage, Dodson found himself with no place to be and nowhere to go.

A supervisor suggested he’d be treated fairly at an office in South Carolina. Wanting to keep his job, protect his pension and pay the mortgage, Dodson had no other choice. He and his family now live in a small apartment, facing financial troubles, still labeled persona non grata by the very agency he carries a badge for, and regularly assaulted by leaks from “ATF sources at headquarters.”

Dodson has tried to remain out of the public eye, has not filed suit and says only that he wishes to return to his work as an ATF agent.

As for the others:

– Agent Larry Alt took a transfer to Florida and has unresolved retaliation claims against the ATF.

– Agent Pete Forcelli was demoted to a desk job. Forcelli is a respected investigator, with years as a detective with the New York City Police Department. He has requested an internal investigation to address the retaliation against him.

Nothing has happened to the implementers of fast and furious, some have even been promoted. Read here: Fast & Furious Retaliation Against the Whistleblowers


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