The Faux 60’s Movement, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Rages On



In case you haven’t been following the news since 9/17, the 99%ers are still hanging out on Wall Street. They now call themselves the #OWS. They plan to stay there until they overthrow the government and end Capitalism. It is not clear how they plan to do that, but they are beginning with this endless sleep-in, which some say, will get violent if necessary.

I lived through the 60’s. This is nothing like the 60’s, except for the sex and drugs. It’s a faux 60’s movement, which is well-funded, contrived and manipulated.

When we walked into Zucotti Park, a breeze blew a smell similar to a boys locker room, combined with the sickenly sweet smell of Marijuana,into our faces. It literally took my breath away. It seemed like most were smoking marijuana, The sleeping masses in the middle looked like they could be dead or sexing. Some had flies about their heads.

The smell is far worse than it was on Day 1. It’s now officially a stench. Rotting food and dirty drugged people lie about and walk about. They have an interesting dishwasher. They run water through sod (grass and dirt sod), and the mud that comes out is what they wash the dishes in, they call it the GREEN dishwasher.

I have video and better photos coming that I will put up later, but I wanted to write a summary of what I saw, and smelled.

The protesters are bitter that tourists and vagrants are eating their food and stealing their clothes respectively. One sign said, “filthy, dirty, Capitalist pig tourists are eating our food.” The artist who devised the sign took it down before I could take a photo of it.

There were new protesters and some of the same old protesters at the park yesterday, Columbus Day (Oh, and, by the way, they are not fans of Columbus, who stole America in their eyes). The new people had lots of piercings, tattoos,strange, dirty clothing, some appeared to be homeless, others were there solely to hold Obama signs. Some of the new people were paid to be there, or so they said. Read here: $22 an hour – not bad Many were too drugged to make sense.

Mostly the groups were the National Socialists, Democratic Socialists (who speak like Communists), Anarchists, lots of Anarchists, and Communist Anarchists. This next line is crude so don’t read it if you get offended by vulgarity.  One man, holding a Karl Marx sign, had been trying to get paid to sniff peoples’ butts for money. A young woman had a hat with a dirty word on it, but she spelled the four letter “c” word incorrectly.

There have been very few minorities since my first two visits, but they’ve picked up a few Black and Hispanic people since then, very few.

A few of the college students said they didn’t want to pay their education loans and felt college should be free. Some said all money must be shared equally. They have no intention of paying off their college loans, they said, and are quite aware that the government is backing them. No doubt the loans will be forgiven and the taxpayers will foot their bills. This will be an additional unsustainable bubble created by the government.

My friend was on crutches and one of the Socialists offered her his coins and the few singles he had on a plate. She thanked him and declined. The next person we ran into wanted money so she told him to ask the young Socialist giving money away.

The groups represented are well-funded and give away pricey flyers and newspapers espousing Communist and Anarchist causes. I will post some of them later. Ron Paul Libertarians were there, but they go to Tea Parties as well. They appear to be isolated and not welcomed.

Other groups were Illegals for Immigration Rights, faux Indians, Iraq War Veterans Against the Wars, a NYC Elementary School with 6 year olds wearing signs such as “Capitalism Sucks,” (they made the signs themselves, isn’t that nice), unions such as the United Steel Workers (who were there from day 1 and actually look like scary guys), the Teamsters, the AFL-CIO, SEIU (also there from day 1), the Nurses of America, the Transit Workers, et al.

There were a fair amount of teachers there with their young children because the OWS are making history they said. One teacher was ranting that his school was falling apart, another was giving money to every bongo player and person with an “end Capitalism” sign. This teacher said he was perfectly willing to pay more taxes. Well, my friend said, with all taxes considered, you are already paying half of your salary or more, so what would be an acceptable tax rate? 70%? He wouldn’t answer.

The NYC school that took their little 6 or 7 year olds, had them draw vulgar signs and chant with them around their little necks while marching around. They were all proud, and, as a former educator, all I could think of was the horror of propagandizing youth. Take a look at my quote at the bottom of my left sidebar.

Children should be taught to think for themselves, but that is not what is happening at this public school, Central Park East 1. It’s an East Harlem school, but they take in students from all over NYC. It’s called a non-cachement area school. I wouldn’t want those teachers anywhere near my children.

Susan Sarandon made her way around. One young woman, a nasty young woman by the way, stopped her to ask her what she thought about the movement, using a saccharine sweet voice. Sarandon said, I’m learning and gathering information.

Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton did his radio show from there. He walked in like a snoot with his entourage, and was held in awe by the Anarchists present. There were others giving autographs, one looked like Charlie Rangel, whom I imagine is in the 1%, but whatever. One was a rapper, but I don’t know his name.

I was at the Communist Anarchist (confusing, huh?) table when an Anarchist came over to them, and complained about the Communist Manifesto being on the table. I guess he hadn’t noticed all the Karl Marx signs. He said that this is an Anarchy rally, he helped start it, and wasn’t going to tolerate the Manifesto on a table. He said he wasn’t going to let Anarchist Communists ruin his protest.

He said he had a relative who grew up in Communist Russia during the revolution, and added that Communists only worked with the Anarchists until they won, after which they murdered the Anarchists. A verbal fight ensued, and I found myself arguing on the Anarchists behalf against the Communist Anarchists. The Anarchist knew this part of history. I had to support him on this.

One of the things that struck me as sad was a Black man holding up a pro Obama sign (there were lots of those signs), as he stood on a wall. He was there for hours and hours, not moving much, just waving the sign. I asked him if he wasn’t tired, standing for so many hours. He leaned down and said, No, because this is important. I finally have purpose. He wasn’t young, and it hurt to think that this crazy movement was the thing that gave him purpose.

I laugh when the media compares the tea party with these groups. The Tea Partiers are very strong believers in government, they just want a smaller government. They are mostly seniors and traditional Americans. They never get arrested, and they leave every rally location immaculate. They want to keep the America our Founding Fathers envisioned.

On the other hand, the OWS want to overthrow the government, and most want to install an Anarchist government. They plan getting arrested and egging on the cops, who now stand a distance away and behave with dignity.

This is a widely covered event, and yesterday, there were no less than 15 TV vehicles with reporters and cameras. Tea Parties were ignored or insulted when they ralled. Want to bet these people are portrayed as something they are not? Though I heard ABC has been honest.

By the time we left, they were getting raucous. The bongos were louder, the screaming was worse, the fighting and the overall foul behaviors increased. Many were dancing wildly. They looked and sounded like savages, pagans at a ritual about to sacrifice someone.

I heard one leader say they were going to reward their peeps with some bands and entertainment – that should be a real blast and it’s expensive – so much for grass roots.

I went around and thanked every police officer I passed. God bless them. I said to one officer, you have a very difficult job. He said very seriously, “Yes, I do.”


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