The Feds Are Coming for Alex Jones’ Studio Tonight


Alex Jones said the Feds are trying to shut him down and seize his studio, which is part of his bankruptcy case. He believes they are trying to silence him and the American people. That’s true.

The federal government is allegedly in the process of attempting to seize Alex Jones’ studios, put locks on the doors, and then forcefully liquidate all broadcast assets.

Jones allegedly slept in his studio last night and has publicly said he would call local police to stop the federal raid on his studios.

“You will, at the end of the day, know that Alex Jones, the American patriot, defeated your evil a**!” Jones said.

Jones curses up a storm in this clip and says he’s been lied about and misunderstood. He warned that he has plenty of information to release on the government “scum” and will if they come for his studio.

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