The Flynn Witch Hunt Is About Regime Change


General Flynn took the Fifth Amendment but the Senate Intelligence Committee is out to get him and believe they have found a way around his constitutional rights. They issued two subpoenas for his businesses to get around the Fifth Amendment. They don’t believe he will be able to take the Fifth.

Flynn was dishonest and his dealings with Turkey are likely the worst of it. The goal in the end isn’t Flynn, it’s regime change. Both left and right are unabashedly in on it.

They want to see documents of his contacts with Russia but on advice of counsel, he has refused to turn them over in this politically -charged climate.

Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) reiterated that all options remain on the table for forcing Flynn to turn over the requested documents — including holding him in contempt of Congress.

Ret. General Flynn could end up in jail.

When the IRS refused to turn over documents, when documents were not turned over in the case of Benghazi, where were these ardent champions of truth?

Why aren’t these men investigating the leaks that endanger our democracy?

In the end, they really want Trump, not Flynn. Victor Davis Hanson has concluded that the right and left are seeking regime change.

Why wasn’t Barack Obama investigated when he colluded with Medvedev, explaining that he’d have more flexibility after his next election? That was terrible.

The establishment is trying to overthrow the President. The fake scandals surrounding Trump pale in comparison to what Obama and Hillary have actually done.

It was Barack Obama who gave up the missile defense system in Eastern Europe to secure Russia’s good will for nothing in return. It was Barack Obama who worked out illicit deals with and sent hundreds of millions in cash to Iranians under cover of darkness. It was Hillary who arranged for the sale of a U.S. uranium mine to Russia in exchange for lucrative speaking engagements for Bill and more than a hundred million donated to their “charity”. It was Hillary who went ahead with the trading of U.S. technology to Russia’s fake Silicone Valley for investments that never benefitted the U.S. but did benefit the Podestas.

Hillary set up an illegal server and compromised national security. Where were these guys then?

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