The Fracking War On Gas & Oil


I need to make something clear – we love environmentalists, real environmentalists.  We don’t love ideologues who think all of nature must be left untouched.

The war on coal is well under way by these ideologues and now we need to watch the new war – the war on gas and oil. The wars by these ideologues always include a number of “crisis” scenarios that are used as excuses for their totalitarian rules and regulations.

The new “crisis” (and it’s going to cost us) is hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is the process of drilling into rock formations to extract the energy resources from the earth efficiently.

The EPA now claims that fracking is polluting the air. They plan to control the alleged air pollution at oil and gas wells that are drilled using this process.

You haven’t heard much about it before now because it hasn’t been a problem of note. Why is it now?

Coincidentally, we only recently discovered the Marcellus Shale with its vast resources. Natural gas is exploding as a possible inexpensive and vast resource that could limit our dependence on foreign oil. So what is going on? What is going on is the administration does not want inexpensive energy because it will overpower their expensive renewable energy.

The EPA wants to shut down drilling and that is the bottom line. They don’t care what it costs and they don’t care if the multitudes can’t afford it. The EPA is replete with ideologues who think it is immoral to take any resources from Mother Earth. These same people don’t want cheaper oil and gas to intrude on their movement towards the more costly water, wind and solar energy.

Originally, the EPAers tried to say fracturing was polluting the water, but that went nowhere so now they’ve come up with the air pollution scenario.

The ideologues only want renewables and anything that gets in the way of that, such as cheap gas, will be obliterated or made expensive by the EPA.

From the Associated Press: — Faced with a natural gas drilling boom that has sullied the air in some parts of the country, the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday proposed for the first time to control air pollution at oil and gas wells, particularly those drilled using a method called hydraulic fracturing.

The proposal, issued to meet a court deadline, addresses air pollution problems reported in places such as Wyoming, Texas, Pennsylvania and Colorado, where new drilling techniques have led to a rush to obtain natural gas that was once considered inaccessible. More than 25,000 wells are being drilled each year by “fracking,” a process by which sand, water and chemicals are injected underground to fracture rock so gas can come out.

The proposed regulations are designed to eliminate most releases of smog- and soot-forming pollutants from those wells. New controls on storage tanks, transmission pipelines and other equipment — at both oil and gas drilling sites on land — would reduce by a quarter amounts of cancer-causing air pollution and methane, the main ingredient in natural gas, but also one of the most powerful contributors to global warming.

The rules, according to the EPA, actually would save energy companies about $30 million a year because the companies could sell the gas they are forced to collect…Read here: Gas on the environmental chopping block


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