The Gay Lifestyle Fallacy


The United States is sinking into the moral decay of tribal warfare. No longer can Christians state their case without a torrent of hatred coming from both atheists and those in the gay rights cabal. Any opinion that does not toe the progressive line will not be tolerated. This comes from the party of tolerance. Your identity, your lifestyle, even you very dignity will be trashed if you do not comply.

This way of thinking will soon be a coercive force in every citizens life. Much of it starts with those who speak out from within the gay community, or those who have been raised inside the gay community and have felt its corrosive way of thinking first hand.

The guarantees of equal protection rights for gays have had an impact not only on those forcing others to think the way they do, but also on some of the children in such a marriage.

Robert Oscar Lopez

In the words of Robert Oscar Lopez, pictured above, who was raised in a gay family, who testified to the Supreme Court in March of 2015, “we are former supporters of gay marriage because we loved our guardians (not family, not parents, guardians) no matter what the imperfections. They mattered to us, and by extension, gays and lesbians mattered to us. We started opposing gay marriage when we realized we didn’t matter to gays and lesbians.”

If you look to the start of the gay movement, the stories of lesbian lovers being separated while one was hospitalized was something even Christians found appalling. The stories of kids being bullied at school because of perceived homosexuality, again, this was something everyone agreed should not happen.

Civil unions were floated by the gay activists as a solution, and when agreed to by a majority of those who make such decisions, they changed the game.

They then wanted all the rights of married couples, including children. I did not do well in biology in high school, but there is one glaring fault in this, gays cannot have children naturally. I am not against the gay lifestyle, they should feel free to do what they want.

For religious purposes I do not support it. I made the mistake of saying that on Facebook the other day, and received a torrent of invective from both gays and atheists. I was accused of not reading the Bible, being too stupid to understand it, and being a bigot who should try the gay lifestyle for a year before I condemn it. I tried to explain that I don’t condemn the people, I just find the gay lifestyle to be against my beliefs.

They wanted homes where the gay lifestyle would be celebrated, and there would never be any discussion of what the lifestyle would do to both the fabric of the country, and those involved through no will of their own. They wanted a relationship approved and subsidized by the government that would outlaw any discussion if the lifestyle was even legal. Even Robert Lopez was considered anti-gay, a homophobe, a hater all because he lived through the gay lifestyle and found it wanting. He felt left out, a pawn in a political game that he wanted no part of. The gay activists demand silence, from Robert and all of us who object.

What we get instead is an effort to silence all who speak against such a lifestyle, even so far as to calling all those who oppose haters, vermin, they spit on priests, and will not allow any dissension.

This from the same group that use #LOVEIS as a hashtag. You can be loved by them, but you must obey and comply by the rules they have set. The extremists are a petulant, selfish, self centered narcissistic lot, brooking no position and forcing the alternate lifestyle they have chosen on the rest of us. The expectations of what the relationship will bring is political.

The Supreme Court decisions were based on hashtags and propaganda. It was based on the tantrums of those who felt slighted, and so ruled that anything they want will be made available.

Once again in Robert’s words, “The children of gays are slaves. In the eyes of the court, we do not exist.”

So how has all this affected Robert? One more time in his words “ Life is lonely and heartbreaking when you don’t matter. With each day the Christian in me grows and the American in me withers. God has dealt us, (the children of gays), these painful blows so that we realize that government is not a religion, courts are not church, and Justices like Kennedy are not Gods.”

So now, the gays have the rights that even ten years ago said they didn’t need. They would be happy with civil unions. So now that all the celebrations are going on, and the #LOVEIS is attached to the gay lifestyle, and priests are being spit on, and anyone who disagrees is called a hater and a bigot to shut them up, where do we go from here?

Now that the Supreme Court has taken the legislative process from Congress, assigning a Constitutional right to the gay cabal, where will the government stop? Will it now go on to assign more rights against the Natural Right the country was founded on. Will it mean that your religious liberties will now be approved by courts instead of the God that you believe in. The separation of powers were totally disregarded in this decision, and even Chief Justice Roberts said the decision wasn’t based on the Constitution. It would appear that those meant to decide laws have not decided to make it.

It starts with things like the Mayor of Houston Texas demanding to see what pastors would deliver as sermons on Sundays, and the next step, the mayor of Coeur D’Alene Idaho threatening pastors with jail if they refuse to do a same sex marriage. It only takes the government to force compliance for some peoples’ liberties to be deprived for the new “right” of others.

In the words of Chief Justice John Roberts “Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it.”

The loss has been an opportunity to win true acceptance just when some people were coming around to the way of thinking that was forced upon all of us yesterday.


by John Velisek USN (Ret.)

Twitter: sjspecialist




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7 years ago

Well done article. I feel the same way. I don’t condone being Gay but that’s between them and God. I will never celebrate it however. I would love to see more discreteness.