The Good Fight! More Proof Anti-Trumpers Suffer From Derangement


Deadline reported on a new controversy, but it was more like a death threat. The leftists who ran to the defense of Ilhan Omar probably think this is humorous.

According to Deadline, CBS All-Access’ The Good Wife spinoff series, The Good Fight, tweeted an image Friday — a screenshot from its episode The One Where Diane Joins The Resistance, showing a list of “target words.” Topping the list are the words, “Assassinate,” “President” and “Trump” in the red column, while leading the second, orange column are “Eliminate” and “Mar-a-Lago.”

It didn’t catch too much attention when the show ran, so the show’s Twitter feed tweeted the screenshot as you can see below. The tweet has since been deleted, but some Twitter users threatened to contact Secret Service before it was taken down.

The context of the episode can be seen at Deadline. I don’t know anyone who watches the show so I can’t provide any information except what I read. And who cares? I definitely won’t watch the show now. These people are pigs and the context doesn’t justify the threat in the screenshot.

It was tied to an episode titled, The One Where Diane Joins The Resistance, and the screenshot of target words was intended to provide a clue. That’s when these threatening words popped up, well before the target word that provided the clue. Apparently, it wasn’t as obvious as they had hoped so they tweeted to get more attention.

They are nasty and they are sick, but they like to pretend it’s the right who are filled with hate.



  1. Nothing but hate and meanness and the idea that they actually believe they will get away with it. Whoever put this together and had any part in putting it up before the American Public needs to be prosecuted or shot whichever comes first. So, how would each one of those worms would feel if someone were stalking him/her, intent on killing him/her. When you speak you must stand behind what you say, and if you promote the assassination of the President of the United States of America, no matter Democrat or Republican YOU MUST GO DOWN HARD AND FAST.

  2. I don’t watch the show (no TV) but remembered reading the article below and looked it up again. Is it just an odd coincidence? Article was on April 2, 2019:

    A woman carrying two Chinese passports … lied to Secret Service agents and briefly gained admission to President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club over the weekend during his Florida visit. … Zhang carried four cellphones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive and a thumb drive containing computer malware.

    Chinese Woman Charged With Illegally Entering Mar-a-Lago

  3. Motivating sociopaths, enraging them, encouraging violence, then denying responsibility while lauding their actions is an effective tool of anarchists and Progressives. Crisis generates opportunity and the disaffected, unemployed, destitute provide the supporting mobs. That is why low unemployment is anathema to the Left – it depletes their supporting numbers. Artificially raising the cost of labor (raising the minimum wage) and encouraging invasion by illegal aliens, giving felons and sixteen year olds the vote empowers rhetoric over reason, self interest over national interest. It strengthens their position.

  4. What can I say liberalism is a mental disorder and the have no ideas except to tax and spend, It’s the party of hate, hypocrisy and hysteria.

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