The Grinch At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


The Grinch At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

by David Reavill

Not since the Grinch stole all of the presents in Whoville have we seen such a wanton disregard for people’s welfare. Last week President Joe Biden turned down FEMA aid for the people in Palestine, Oho.

Palestine, as you may know, suffered the worst ecological disaster in our nation’s history. A fully loaded freight train de-railed in their small town, discharging, among other toxic chemicals, Vinyl Chloride. When it burns, it oxidizes into Hydrochloric Acid.

Hydrochloric Acid is one of the most toxic and potentially deadly chemicals. After suffering for days with suffocating fumes and pervasive soil and groundwater pollution, the people in Palestine appealed to the President for aid.

“Out of the question,” came the response from the White House Grinch. The people of Palestine are not eligible to receive funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA. That door is closed.

FEMA is the key that unlocks the chief source of Federal Relief during any disaster. And it’s not like they’re short. FEMA dishes out relief packages like they are going out of style. That’s FEMA’s principal function. As we speak, FEMA is still cleaning up the situation in my old hometown of Santa Barbara.

Along with Montecito, it endured major flooding just a couple of months ago. And the locals report that FEMA is still there, seeing that everything is ship shape and bristol fashion. FEMA has even opened a local office to ensure that the likes of Oprah, the Sussex, and all the other Hollywood types are well taken care of.

But not the residents of Palestine, Ohio.

On Tuesday, the 436th Aerial Port Squadron flew halfway around the world, from Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, to aid in the recovery from the earthquake. Indeed, that’s entirely appropriate. It’s just the type of action people worldwide expect from the United States. Our country has been renowned for aiding and assisting those in need around the globe.

But not in Palestine, Ohio.

There is a tendency to feel that there is something personal in Biden’s harsh response to Palestine, Ohio.

Palestine, Ohio, is like the many small burbs and towns you’ll find from Pennsylvania through West Virginia and on to Ohio. Small out-of-the-way towns are the heart of the “Rust Belt,” a part of the country reliant on coal, steel, and oil—all things this President wants to curtail.

Like many of the towns in this part of the country, its original name was: Mechanicsburg. A “roll-up-your-sleeves” hard-working kind of town. Originally Palestine was home to a Ceramics Factory, a Tire Factory, and several local foundries. All undoubtedly used the local coal as their principal source of heat and energy, all the more reason for President Biden to look the other way when they found themselves in trouble.

When Biden was Vice President under then-President Obama, these were the same people who found their local coal mines and coal-fired powered plants shut down. My local power plant was also closed back then.

I’m sure that the then Vice President never considered the people of East Palestine or any other villages and towns in the Rust Belt when he and Obama elected to close down their principal source of heat and energy.

For two generations, the people of the Rust Belt, including East Palestine, Ohio, have been forgotten.

And they are still forgotten.

This massive train derailment must have been a horrific event to live through. Not just the explosions, fire, and noise. But the acrid, choking smoke, the fear that you might not be able to breathe.

Suffocation is a terrible way to die. But for two long weeks, no Federal Agencies came to help. To their credit, state and local officials have come to town, including US Senator Sherrod Brown. But no one from the Biden Administration. And especially no one from FEMA, whose endorsement would provide real aid from Washington.

Many experts are beginning to speak out and let the public know how serious this situation is. Its been called the “American Chernobyl” after the nuclear meltdown in Ukraine.

Two streams flow through East Palestine,  the Leslie Run and the ironically named “Sulfur Run.” Both are reporting that the contamination is now downstream from the town. Both streams are part of the Ohio River watershed, the principal water source for 5 million people downstream from Palestine, Ohio.

Like Chernobyl, like Fukushima, and like so many environmental disasters, their stories become written over many months and often years. The harrowing stories of peoples’ suffering and fear are eventually heard. Often months after the crisis appeared to be over, radiation, groundwater pollution, and contamination linger. Our leaders may feel that they can lay railroad tracks over the top, and their troubles will fade away. But not at Chernobyl, not at Fukushima, where both remain radioactive.

And not, I fear at East Palestine, Ohio, where the full ramification of groundwater pollution and contamination are also likely to linger for months if not years.


Editor’s Update: Biden changed his mind a week too late.

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Save America
Save America
3 months ago

Our prayers go out to the people in East Palistine. This disaster could most likely affect several states and because of the neglect that we’re getting from this administration, I’m concerned for all who are in the path of these extremely toxic chemicals. I’ve spoken to friends who haven’t a clue as to the magnitude of the disaster. We can thank the media blackout for that.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 months ago

Typical of the NWO directors, of whom biden is a pillar!!! Screw you America!!!