The High Price Of Protecting Donuts In Nassau County

Protecting the Donuts

Being a police officer doesn’t mean you’re not greedy. I have always, always, been a big supporter of our police officers who risk their lives to protect us. However, when we are suffering from the declining economy and police unions preach the religion of entitled greed, well, time to take a look at them and their salaries/benefits.

The union lawsuit over a possible 3-year wage freeze states: At issue is whether the county can seize the political climate of the day, single out public employees and unconstitutionally renege on its collectively bargained contracts under the false cover of economic ‘crisis,'” the unions say in an oblique reference to ongoing battles over labor rights in numerous states across the nation, including Wisconsin and Ohio.

According to the WSJ, the average, yes, the AVERAGE, Nassau police officer’s salary is $107,000 a year, not counting overtime and outstanding benefits. Give me a badge and a gun and I’ll do it for $70,000.

Collective bargaining is NOT a right. It’s another entitlement. When is enough, enough?



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