The Hill Lies, Look What They Did to This Innocent Dunkin Donuts Worker


Hamdia Ahmed, a Somalian refugee, told NBC News that while she and her family were waiting to order at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru in Portland, Maine, an employee told them to stop yelling as they spoke politely in Somali among themselves. According to The Hill, the woman threatened to call the police because she was discriminating against her.

According to Hamdia’s fictional story and The Hill’s false reporting, the [‘racist’] employee told her to leave or she would call the cops.

Hamdia shared a video of the event on Twitter which had 62,000+ views by Saturday afternoon.

The only problem is it’s edited. NBC News and The Hill didn’t bother to check with the employee.


Hamdia is a well-known social justice troublemaker in Maine and she is known for deceit. Maine First Media told the actual story.

When Hamdia posted the video, it conveniently picked up AFTER the alleged discrimination and shows her bullying the employee. Ahmed “coincidentally” cuts the video off the moment after the employee threatens to call the cops.

The University of Southern Maine student claims she was politely speaking to her family in the car in her native tongue when the older lady over the intercom demanded she stop yelling and leave, Maine First Media writes.

In the video, the lady seems relatively calm, though she was clearly frustrated with the conversation and ready to move on. Whereas it was Hamdia doing all the yelling.

The police were called.

Hamdia was given a ‘no trespass for a year’ punishment by the police, but she raised a fuss and Dunkin Donuts had to apologize or suffer a boycott.

She constantly complains of bigotry and Islamophobia on Twitter and she has harassed coffee shop workers before.

Ahmed has also used her Twitter and Facebook account to spew anti-American sentiments and spread hate for white people. All while Maine’s Fake News Media touts her as one of the Pine Tree State’s “best and brightest.”

Hamdia is actually the racist.

Her rants on public streets are irrational and mindless.

Read the story here at Maine First Media.

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