The Housing Market Is Growing! Not Really, Look Closer


Homes sales are UP! That came right from the National Association Realtors. The media is raving about it. The Obama administration leaked the positive news. It must all be true, right?

Now that the sound bite is out, you won’t hear much about the fact that the housing sales from 2007 – 2010 were an enormous lie and have been revised downward by 14%, that’s right 14%! Read more: here and here

Take a  look at the revised chart –


That’s not all, there’s another deception that needs publicizing. Home value is not going up or even maintaining value.

It’s not just the over $750,000 homes. Who cares about those people anyway, right?

Unfortunately for the 99%, who are really the 53%, the value of ALL homes, except for those under $150,000, are crashing. Read here: Zerohedge

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