The Impeachment Narrative


Democrats on social media are beside themselves and very confused. They can’t understand why the Department of State Inspector General Steve Linick called for an emergency meeting with Congress to give them John Solomon’s news articles. That’s only the beginning. The Democrat impeachment case is blowing up all over the place.

Much to the chagrin and surprise of the leftist Democrats, the urgent meeting requested by Obama’s guy Mr. Linick was to bring over months-old articles written by one John Solomon about Democratic ties to Ukraine! Linick’s office “obtained the documents from the acting legal adviser of the Department of State.

Rep. Raskin calls it a conspiracy theory packet and a “mysterious” packet of “propaganda.” However, John Solomon has 450 pages of official documents to back up his reports to include sworn testimony, letters from ambassadors, court cases, emails, timelines, and so much more.

Linick is an Obama holdover. Some on social media are saying they know Linick is a good guy and can’t understand why he’s done this and others say he’s “mean and stupid.” Get the popcorn out guys!

Additionally, according to various media reports, Kurt Volker’s testimony today does nothing to further the Schiff impeachment effort, and does, in fact, blow up the Democrat narrative. It’s not clear which narrative exactly.


To give you an example of the outright lies investigative reporter John Solomon can blow up with truth and evidence, watch this next clip.

Mr. Solomon has evidence that the DNC contractor did ask the Ukraine embassy to get dirt on Trump and Manafort to embarrass and damage Donald Trump.

There’s proof the Ukrainians did interfere in our election to help Hillary.

In addition, the lie about there not being an investigation of Burisma when Biden ordered the firing of the top prosecutor is exposed — with documentation!

Viktor Shokin gave sworn testimony that the President of Ukraine said he had to fire him to get US Aid. Also, the day Biden effectuated the firing, Hunter Biden’s legal team demanded an immediate meeting with the new prosecutor to make the case go away.


Minority House leader Kevin McCarthy is calling for Speaker Pelosi to halt the impeachment inquiry. She’s actually trying to rush it before the truth comes out in our humble opinion. Due to the lawless way Pelosi is doing this, the President can’t bring witnesses or defend himself.

On the bright side, the people who are subpoenaed can’t be forced to attend. Take Secretary of State Pompeo. He told them to pound sand. Giuliani will only go if he can bring witnesses and documentation.

This isn’t a serious impeachment, it’s a show trial to destroy the President and overturn an election.

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