The LA to San Francisco High Speed Railroad to Nowhere

High Speed Rail to Nowhere

This is how Obamanomics works –

First, pick a “politically -correct” idea (like a high-speed railroad ) – So NO ECOLOGY STUDIES ARE NEEDED!!

Then, find a location where unemployment is high, where many businesses are leaving the State, where their local government is broke, but where an incentive is needed to assure that they will continue to vote for you in November (like CALIFORNIA).

Then find a Liberal like Gov. Jerry Brown to go along with it!

Then offer, for “free,” 3.3 billion taxpayer dollars of the initial 6 billion needed to START the project (the free dollars are from a federal grant!!) – I guess federal dollars, like all government entitlements are – FREE!

Then, all that is needed is an “insignificant ” 2.7 billion to get it off the ground!

Then tell them that Californian’s would NOT even have to pay this initial local amount!

How could they refuse? YOU ARE RIGHT!! Just borrow the money!

But, don’t forget, Californian’s, Obama reminds you that ” if you don’t do this wonderful project NOW, you lose the funding forever – (how sad would that be!).

But don’t worry, Gov. Brown has created an “independent panel,” The California High-Speed Rail Pier Review Group to rubber-stamp, I mean advise us !!

So, what happened on the way to the dance? Believe it or not, Gov. Brown’s (Obama’s) own panel came out on Tuesday, AGAINST THE PROJECT !!! What went wrong ???

1- it turns out that the total cost of the train project would be over 100 billion dollars.!!

2- There was NO guarantee that Washington would pay the balance!! California could be stuck with the ENTIRE bill !!

3- In 2008, 53% of the California voters supported this project. A new poll – remember Obamacare polls AFTER they “read the bill” – now showed that 59% of Californian’s would now NOT vote for the bill knowing these “new” facts!!

Furthermore, it came out that the initial construction phase was nowhere near either L.A. OR San Francisco. It was in the rural central valley!

The other federally sponsored high speed rail was REJECTED by Florida Gov. Rick Scott -Thank God !!

The rails were meant to be Obama’s great ” accomplishment” !!

Will America wake up? TEN MONTH’S TO GO !!!

[Editor’s Note – Read more here: Reuters and WSJ]