The Lance Armstrong Witch Hunt


Lance Armstrong took part in 500 drug tests and never failed one. Now the U.S. Doping Agency is trying to say he might have had blood transfusions and they have better tests for that, tests which the Swiss refuse to use because they are untried and untested.

What they have as “evidence” are witnesses against Mr. Armstrong, most of whom were under investigation themselves – very suspicious. I give “rats” no regard. They might have been threatened, they could be jealous.

Every allegation has been addressed over-and-over again. Six illicitly performed tests showed the presences of a hormone but they were thrown out because they should never have been used at all.

The doping agency, the USADA, claimed that two tests suggested doping, though Mr. Armstrong said the fluctuations were well within the normal range.

The bulk of the USADA’s evidence comes from testimony of 10 cyclists. Many of the witnesses had been called to testify in a federal criminal fraud investigation of Mr. Armstrong’s former cycling team, but that was dropped. If Mr. Armstrong was doping, so were they. Now they are testifying against Mr. Armstrong. Like I say, they’re rats and are probably guilty themselves.

There remains no viable evidence against Mr. Armstrong.

When Armstrong was winning those titles, the French sure weren’t happy with him either.

Now he’s giving up and people assume he’s guilty. I guess we are guilty until proven innocent now. Simply put, Armstrong has had it with the constant 7 years of assaults. He’s been hounded and as a cancer survivor, with the potential for a return of the cancer, the stress is not worth his life.

And who is this American doping group? A bunch of office-bound, arrogant bureaucrats. What right do they have to strip him of his titles – none!

The U.S. Doping Agency continued to ride him and he finally declined to contest the conspiracy charges.

With no evidence Armstrong has been stripped of all his wins and cannot compete in significant races. Mr. Armstrong called the process “one-sided and unfair,” and said there was “zero physical evidence” that he had cheated. This is true.

Armstrong said the attacks were starting to negatively impact his foundation.

Nike and several other marketers will stick with Armstrong and his cancer foundation, which is most important to Armstrong. He wants to concentrate on the Foundation.

Eyewear maker Oakley will stick with Armstrong as well.

I will personally buy from Nike and Oakley.

It is unclear if the French will strip him of his medals. If they don’t, I will be very impressed.


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