The Law of the Sea Treaty Might Be Dead in the Water


LOST might be going down. The Law of the Sea Treaty – LOST – is being considered for ratification by the Senate but it might be gone for good despite the strong support of Hillary Clinton and the Senate globalists who want to barter with the U.N. using U.S. resources and U.S. sovereignty.

Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Rob Portman of Ohio, expressing concerns about the ambiguousness and breadth of the treaty, have announced that they will vote against the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). This gives the GOP 34 Senators to oppose this treaty.

At best the treaty is vague and undefined. At worst, it turns sovereignty over the seas to the U.N.

The Navy wants the treaty because they have been misguided into thinking this treaty can be relied upon to give them more freedom to travel the seas. Oil/gas companies like it because they think there is money in it for them.

Clinton and her Senate allies want it because they are globalists and have no problem ceding U.S. resources and sovereignty to the U.N.

Bob Portman and Kelly Ayotte are not convinced the treaty is beneficial to U.S. interests –

“Proponents of the Law of the Sea treaty aspire to admirable goals, including codifying the U.S. Navy’s navigational rights and defining American economic interests in valuable offshore resources,” the two said in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. “But the treaty’s terms reach well beyond those good intentions. This agreement is striking in both the breadth of activities it regulates and the ambiguity of obligations it creates…

…The two also raised concerns about authorization of international and judicial entities. “The United States would be binding itself to yet-unknown requirements and liabilities. That uncertainty alone is reason for caution.”..Fox News

If we don’t see a LOST Executive Order or a PPD from the President before the election, expect to see one after the election when Obama is “more flexible.”

The idea of the treaty is a good one, the problem is in the way it is written.

Click here for information about LOST.

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