Watch for This! Left Wants to Abolish ICE


Everything the left says must be taken as a warning at this point, especially if it relates to their open borders platform. That’s why a recent article at The Nation should set off alarms.

The Nation, a far-left publication which is somehow considered legitimate, posted an article, “It’s Time to Abolish ICE”.

That certainly would make our open borders more open.

Right now the left welcomes any derelict — who is a foreigner — into the U.S. illegally. They are eager to provide benefits to them as a lure. All the illegal foreigners have to do is sign up with the Democrat Party. The Party is the party of illegal aliens.

There are some wonderful illegal aliens but who cares? What does that have to do with anything?

The left’s reasoning, as outlined by The Nation, is that a “mass deportation strike force is incompatible with democracy and human rights.” Humanistic goals often disguise statist revolutions.

The left believes anyone should be allowed to come into the country because it’s their human right. When they talk about democracy, they mean a Socialist country.

This country isn’t a democracy, it’s a Republic, but you will never hear that from the left.

The Nation article quotes civil rights leftist Dan Cannon who believes ICE should be abolished. Cannon is running for Congress in Indiana’s ninth.

Cannon told the author of the article:

“I don’t think a lot of people have any kind of direct experience with ICE, so they don’t really know what they do or what they’re about. If they did, they’d be appalled,” Canon told me. “ICE as it presently exists is an agency devoted almost solely to cruelly and wantonly breaking up families. The agency talks about, and treats, human beings like they’re animals. They scoop up people in their apartments or their workplaces and take them miles away from their spouses and children.”

Immigrants rights groups [illegal alien groups] are calling for ICE to be defunded. Deep-pocketed funders are behind it. One of the groups pushing for it is a Soros-funded group.

The foreigners are invading our shores and they will give Democrats their permanent Progressive majority. We are headed for Third World status.

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