The Legitimate & Not So Legitimate OWS Issues


Should we be angry with Wall St, AIG, and the Big Banks who give enormous bonuses to people who helped collapse our system? Absolutely! However, Wall Street is not the crux of the problem. The problem is D.C. and its relationship to Wall St. Check out Sense on Cents for an interesting take on the OWS and what they should protest.

And then check out the donations made to D.C. by Wall Street so you can see the problem more clearly:

Barack Obama, who vowed not to

Joe Biden, apparently BAC is in the mix

Chuck Schumer

Spencer Bachus

Barney Frank

Chris Dodd, Mr. Countrywide

John Boehner

Take a particular look at Obama’s donations from colleges. Why are colleges using their students’ tuition to select a President? Maybe the colleges should be picketed. Take a look at the lawyer donations to Biden, and wonder why we don’t have tort reform.


Do unemployed college people have a legitimate complaint about college loans? Sure, but is the legitimate complaint against Wall St? Why not blame the government and their free money, why the banks? The government gives away our money liberally, so everyone, even those who shouldn’t go to college, can go to college, and party for four years. No one asked the students to take out these loans. Maybe they should blame themselves. Better yet, blame the colleges and ask why they are costing far more each year than the inflation rate demands. Go after the government free money and free spending colleges

The OWS are protesting Jewish bankers. This is not a legitimate issue and it’s bigotry against a race of people. These anti-semitic OWS are the same people who call Tea Partiers racists without a shred of evidence.

The OWS are supporting illegal immigration. If we are a country, then we need borders. You decide if you want the USA to be a country, and if you do, we need borders. Right now, we have terrorists and drug cartels walking across the Rio Grande.

OWS support Marxism, Socialism, Nazism, and other statist philosophies. Anyone who joins them is empowering collectivism and better damn well know that is what they’re supporting.

OWS want jobs. We all do and we’re not going to get them with business-stifling regulations and taxes so loved by our President.

What about the “End the Fed” signs. That is a Libertarian theme and the Libertarians have no business protesting with a predominantly Marxist movement. Check out my innumerable postings on the OWS and tell me I’m wrong about their Marxism.

The OWS hate police brutality, but mostly, they hate the police. I heard them plotting to embarrass the police. In fact, they planned to bait them. They claimed the police were all over them. Not true. The police were standing back as the smell of marijuana permeated the air.

I’m sick of people talking about the OWS allegedly legitimate causes. They sprinkle legitimacy in to lure people into their collective. I am also real tired of OWS wanting to take other peoples money – they are the most “entitled” people in our country right now.


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