The NRA’s Risky Ratings Stunt


by Julie on Politics

The NRA dropped Connecticut Republican Mark Greenberg’s rating from an A down to an F earlier this month after he said that he would support universal background checks.

This type of thing helps the NRA get attention, but it could do more damage than good in the long term. The NRA shouldn’t go after candidates who otherwise support gun rights just because of their stance on background checks. Especially when they are Republicans.

Whether or not you support criminal background checks — personally I think it would depend on how they were enforced — the fact is that most Americans do. By being so strict on the issue, the NRA risks giving power to the gun control interests and opening the door to even tighter infringements on the Second Amendment.

The NRA is so afraid of getting criticism from the open carriers and the fringe groups that they forget about the mainstream voters who determine elections. Greenberg is in a tight race to take over a seat that is held by the Democrats. Couldn’t the NRA have been a little more lenient?

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