The Number 545


by Gary Spina

(Copyright 2013 by Gary Spina)

We’ve got ourselves quite a mess in Washington, D.C.  Go ahead, pick any of the myriad travesties and scandals – the institutionalized corruption; the arrogation of school-choice and community based public education; the tyranny of the Internal Revenue Service, the politicizing of the Justice Department, the “Sue and Settle” over-reach of the Environmental Protection Agency, or the illegal appointment to the Labor Relations Board; the systematic suppression of religion expression and of Second and Fourth Amendment rights; the steady unraveling of States Rights; the oppression of individual freedom; and the shredding of our Constitution.

The ultimate responsibility lies with our politicians and public servants.  There are 545 men and women in Washington who run our government on a day to day basis.  That number includes the 435 members of the House of Representatives, our 100 Senators, our one President, and the nine justices of the Supreme Court – all our humble and obedient servants.  Theirs is a dismal record of mismanagement, corruption, political retribution, cowardice, demagoguery, lies, and manipulation.

Both conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin and columnist Charly Reese have written about these 545 men and women who are the core of our government, with both Levin and Reese concluding that most of our domestic and foreign policy problems originate with them and/ or are exacerbated by them.

Reese writes, these 545 men and women are “directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the… problems that plague this country.”

These people, he says, “create the problems and then campaign against them.”  Deficits, inflation, high taxes, the unfair tax code itself, fiscal policy, appropriations, our involvement in foreign wars – all of these exist because these 545 people made them exist and implicitly approved of them.  No lobbyist or special interest group can force any of these 545 people to do anything.

Reese tells it well, reminding us that there are no problems within our government that our elected officials cannot solve.  Except they lack the will, courage, and honesty.  He cautions us not to accept their standard “con” that massive, unwieldy, and complicated factors beyond their control —  “disembodied mystical forces” like “the economy,” “inflation” or “politics” — keep them from fulfilling their oath of office.  As he so aptly writes, they created all of those things themselves.

Levin goes further and blames the two million entrenched bureaucrats who make up arbitrary rules and regulations as they administer the government.  In fact, the government is growing by 40 percent.  That’s 40 percent more bureaucracies and bureaucrats and 40 percent more money taken out of our economy to pay for the public payroll and benefits, to pay the overhead of office and logistic costs, to pay to implement the stifling rules and regulations that thwart private sector growth.

So, we face trillions of dollars in government debt, an out of control government growing by 40 percent, a coterie of 545 politicians — crooks at worst, incompetents at best — with their entourage of a couple of million unelected, unanswerable bullies running roughshod over a country of 330 million people – and maybe another uncounted 12 to 20 million illegal aliens.

I haven’t even addressed deficit spending, the unemployment figures, the number of home foreclosures, the number of businesses closings, the number of bankruptcies, and the number of people collecting food stamps and welfare.  And I haven’t said anything about the number of freedoms we’re losing.  Every day.

Government numbers can be difficult to fathom – but 545 is easy to remember, especially at the ballot box.


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