The Other Country in the Hemisphere Where Voters Are Powerless


Democrats are still in control

Mitch McConnell is deliberately blocking all conservative legislation. Keeping the legislative filibuster means Republicans—who hold a majority in the Senate—can’t pass a single bill without Democratic votes. The GOP controls the Senate, but has only 52 votes. It takes 60 to end a filibuster. McConnell could easily eliminate the filibuster—clearly obsolete when the Democratic Party is in a state of war against the Republican Party. All it would take is a simple majority vote. But McConnell refuses to do that. This effectively puts the losing party in charge of Congress.

Of course, this is a convenient excuse for RINOs to avoid voting on controversial bills. But it’s also clear that McConnell and a significant number of other GOP lawmakers actually oppose the Trump Doctrine, especially his immigration policies. Few of us are aware that Speaker Paul Ryan, who calls himself a conservative, campaigned for “immigration reform” (read: amnesty), alongside the loathsome open-borders leftist, Luis Gutierrez. During a 53-minute joint speech in 2013, “Both Gutierrez and Ryan outline[d] their shared plan for adopting open borders: that is, a national policy of allowing companies to bring in and hire as many foreign workers as they would like.”

That’d be nice for low-skilled American workers.

The Gang of 8 bill passed in the Senate, and was only stopped after Ted Cruz and other conservatives called on Republican voters to call House members in a massive outcry against passing the bill.

The GOP Congress opposes its own president

Moreover, Congress is behaving as though the president is a member of the opposing party, by holding pro forma sessions to block the president from making recess appointments, during their month off. The reason is supposedly to prevent the president from replacing the attorney general with someone willing and able to fire the obviously conflicted special counsel, Robert Mueller.

But Trump has clearly ended his Twitter war on AG Jeff Sessions and now compliments him. Chief of Staff Kelly has also ensured Sessions he will not be fired or asked to resign. So, the sole achievement of the pro forma sessions is to prevent the president from working around the Democrats’ slow-walking of his appointments.

For just one example, the president could recess-appoint conservative judges to the numerous open federal judge seats. They would serve until January 3, 2019, and could undergo the confirmation process while serving. He could appoint 50 in a day if he wanted to. This could help balance the courts, which were stacked with radical judges by Obama. That could help stem the inevitable rash of lawsuits against the president when he exercises his statutory and constitutional powers. Corey Lewandowski told Fox News on Monday that “There are 225 nominations sitting before the Senate.”  That is a disgrace.

The majority leader’s record of failure has become resistance

McConnell’s deliberate paralysis of Congress has been going on since January 2015 when he took over as majority leader. The first major thing he did was allow the Democrats to filibuster a House-passed budget bill four times because it contained two amendments barring funding of Obama’s two illegal amnesties—which McConnell swore to defeat, during his 2014 Senate campaign in Kentucky.

Finally, McConnell removed the offending amendments, passed and sent the bill back to the House where Boehner was waiting to push it through. And this was after a federal court had already ruled against Obama’s latest amnesty of ~5 million people.

McConnell (and Ryan) went on from there to give Obama everything he wanted for the next two years, such as the Omnibus bill that funded resettlement of Syrian refugees and Planned Parenthood. Bills like S.68 – The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act sit and gather dust. In fact, according to an opinion piece by AZ Rep. Andy Biggs in the Wall Street Journal:

“The House has already passed more than 200 bills this year, including legislation to repeal Dodd-Frank and strengthen immigration enforcement. All that legislation is parked in the Senate because even getting a vote effectively requires 60 ayes.”

Though McConnell did shepherd Trump’s SCOTUS pick to confirmation, by removing the filibuster on High Court nominees, he now he essentially blocks the agenda of the president we elected to undo what Obama did to America.

Why do you suppose they have so much trouble passing a health-care replacement bill? Sure, Republicans don’t agree on its terms. But this was greatly exacerbated because they have to repeal and replace using the reconciliation process, which requires only a simple majority but severely restricts what can be in the bill, under the Byrd Rule. This caused months of haggling over the various bills issuing forth from McConnell’s smoke-filled back room. All ended in failure.

As a result of the Byrd restrictions, there was no way to insert conservative measures like cross-state insurance purchasing and tort reform into the bill. Members of Congress told us these items would be dealt with in a later bill…but they knew it couldn’t pass without 60 votes.

The president has repeatedly asked McConnell to set aside the filibuster and allow a simple majority vote on legislation, but no dice. Trump is reduced to making conservative change through executive orders, which will be quickly reversed, should the GOP lose the Senate.

That’s a distinct possibility, given Congress’s record of non-achievement. There’s no discernable difference between the McConnell Senate and the Reid Senate—the Democrats are still in charge. Republicans can hardly be expected to storm out of their homes next Election Day to vote for GOP senators.

Overturning an election

What you’re seeing is a complete nullification of last year’s election, particularly when viewed with the campaign of Congress, the Democratic Party, the leftist courts and the media to resist every act of the newly elected president, complete with thuggery in the streets by leftist groups like Antifa.

The ongoing investigation of so called Russian interference in our election is designed to remove both the president and vice president, though no apparent crime was committed.

The supposed Russian interference pales before the resistance against the elected president by other Americans—which includes never-Trumpers who call themselves conservatives.

Welcome to the United States of Venezuelica.

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6 years ago

Any informed and decent conservative knows that McConnell & Ryan are liars and corrupt.

Ruth A.
Ruth A.
6 years ago

If people don’t start causing a commotion, and I mean in a big giant loud voice, in unison, “cut the crap and do your job!” The job that “We the People” voted for! Life as we used to know it, will be no more.