The Others Are Pouring Across Our Border


The Washington Post reported that Border Patrol says most people sneaking across the border are NOT from Mexico. They are Others.

On October 10th, the Border Patrol’s annual statistics were posted but taken down within five hours so we can’t find out who these others are. However, it is clear that the door is open to the world and they don’t even have to be vetted.

Jeh Johnson said he is committed to transparency but he took the stats down.

The statistics are public information but our “transparent” administration probably doesn’t want us to see them.

The apprehension statistics could be used to criticize Obama as he prepares to give amnesty to countless millions here illegally, with more pouring in each day.

“It worries me that they may have been taken down for purely political reasons,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah). “If the information is ready, it should be made available.”

The spokesman for Customs and Border Protections, Christopher O’Neill wrote in an email to WaPo that they want to put all the information out in one concise package and it had nothing to do with the elections.

Of course it didn’t. Who would ever think that?

They will re-publish November 15th. The prior release was just a mistake, they said. If you believe that, you’d be interested to know that I’m Bathsheba.

The fact that people crossing our border are mostly Others should be concerning. We really don’t have a clue as to who these people are or their purposes in coming here.

We do know the border stats show that border apprehensions are at the lowest level in decades.

Using slides to illustrate his remarks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on Oct. 9, puppet Jeh Johnson announced that the Border Patrol had made 479,377 apprehensions on the border last year.

Jeh saluted CBP for recently making public an internal report and new policy on the agency’s use of force (or rather no force). And he underscored “a commitment to transparency.”

The new annual statistics were posted and taken down within hours the next day.

The Center for Investigative Reporting has some data. They found that 53 percent or 252,600 caught on the border in 2014 were not Mexican whereas a decade ago they accounted for 93 percent.

Apprehensions at the Southwest border have decreased for the past three straight years. The total apprehensions were 479,377 compared with 1.17 million ten years ago

Currently, 10% of the population of Mexico lives in the United States, 9% of the Honduran population, and so on. One has to wonder what the percentage is from terrorist nations. You know they’re coming.

Mr. Obama keeps putting up that straw man of needing a new immigration policy. What we need is for him to first follow the immigrations laws we have, then come talk to us.

More Information: Center for Investigative Reporting


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