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While the OWS advertise for hackers (it’s illegal to hack by the way), our President sympathizes with them because of their valid complaints against Wall Street excess. By the way, President Obama has raked in more campaign cash from Wall Street than any politician in the last twenty years.

Former White House advisor, Van Jones, is sympathetic to the OWS, and hopes to add a far left Tea Party to the OWS very soon. We should expect a race war to be added to the class warfare that President Obama has fomented.

I’m not over-reacting by saying we are headed for racial tension. Here is one Black Panther declaring the people are going to take back the streets. Can we expect some more Panthers outside polling places?

We are not only becoming Greece, President Obama wants us to become Greece. He’s spent us into oblivion, put half of us on entitlements, and he wants the OWS to march in the streets at great expense to the taxpayers. Hopefully they won’t become violent.

Alana Goodman, in a recent article in Commentary Magazine, pointed out that the Editor of Adbusters, Kalle Lasn, who is one of the organizers of the OWs, has a history of anti-semitic writing. Kalle Lasn actually blamed the “neocons” on the Jews. He set up a “Jew Watch” list which sparked outrage but left him undeterred as he blamed the Iraq war on them as well. Read here: Commentary Magazine She makes the point that the whole movement cannot be labeled anti-semitic because of this one person, however, having visited the Wall Street “occupation,” I can say that I heard an awful lot of anti-Jewish rants.

Communist and Marxist professor, Slavoj Zizek, addressed the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters on Sunday, leading the Collective in a crazy chant.

Here is Zizek pushing Marxism

The fact of the matter is that Washington is the problem far more than Wall Street ever could be.

Most Americans rely on Wall Street. Everyone in a union has a stake in Wall Street’s success because the pension funds depend on Wall Street. If Wall Street is torn down, union pensions will be torn down.

I hope these people go home soon. It’s not to say that some of their complaints don’t hit on real problems here-and-there. Of course they do, but that’s how they lure people into their misguided movement, filled with high schoolers, disenchanted college students, socialists, Marxists, and every other far left group imaginable.


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