The President Is Playing A Very Dangerous Game, Congressman Zeldin Warns



Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) told Judge Jeanine Pirro on her Fox News show Saturday that the president is “playing a very dangerous game”. He is trying “to get rid of the sanctions that Congress passed”, but, Zeldin emphasized, “he can’t just do that,” adding “He’s acting like a monarch.”

Congressman Zeldin, a member of the Foreign Relation’s Commission, said the president is telling the Iranians, “If you want to keep your centrifuges, you can keep your centrifuges, if you want to keep your nuclear facilities, you can keep your nuclear facilities, he’s obviously trying to cut a deal to just cut a deal.”

The president is trying to get Americans “to buy into the Iranian deal in order to find out what’s in it”.

“The president released a fact sheet with his framework agreement a couple days ago. The Iranians immediately refuted the contents of that fact sheet. The Iranian Foreign Minister went on to Twitter and said it was just spin,” Zeldin said.

“It’s a very dangerous game…The president is misleading the American public as to where we are with these nuclear negotiations while at the table the Iranians are playing him like a five-string quartet.”



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