The Rise and Fall of Barack Hussein Obama



Photo of Barack Hussein Obama

by Gary Spina

(Copyright 2013 by Gary Spina)

About fifty years ago William S. Shirer wrote the classic Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.  The book was about 1300 pages in length with a couple of hundred pages of notes and references.  For the new 21st Century, it will take another William S. Shirer to write of the Rise and Fall of Barack Hussein Obama.  That book must be written — but who will write it?  Two or three thousand pages would not be enough to capture all of Obama’s arrant tyranny, his perfidy, all of his intrigues, deceptions, and lies.

I’m not sure how alive and well is the true old-fashioned journalistic process.  I’m not sure just how many of today’s journalists and historians can be compared to William S. Shirer.  A long road lies ahead for a true expose and indictment of the Obama presidency – to chronicle the depth and breadth, the concerted attempt to destroy America’s free-enterprise system, to shred our Constitution, to dismantle our way of life – to bring to the surface the evidence of corruption, reveal the plethora of the scandals that has brought a once free nation to its knees – to expose the lie upon lie, the treachery upon treachery – the cover-ups — the lawless indifference to liberty and property.

The most damning evidence is being destroyed every day.  Out next William Shirer must dig deep, follow threads of evidence, and gather the loose pieces that lie everywhere – for he must document it all as though he were presenting a case for the prosecution — the lengthy list of evidence, the proof – the sources, references, witnesses, and paper-trail needed for impeachment and for the history books.  It is a daunting task.

And, of course, we must indict ourselves – we the American people who stood by silently and let it all happen – content with bread and circuses.  We who suffer Obama in the White House ruling and regulating unlawfully against the will of the people — making unconstitutional end-runs around Congress by issuing executive order upon executive order — making recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and ignoring the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit when the court ruled the appointments invalid — pitting one class of people against another class of people – arrogating the written statutes and mocking our country’s founders and our American traditions — we who suffer phony “Stimulus Packages” that are actually slush funds, and avenues for money laundering.

We’ve allowed it all — we the American people who suffer Ben Bernanke and our Federal Reserve System gingering up Wall Street and a sick economy.  We know the Republicans are worthless – most of them, most of them spineless — who offer no opposition to the oppression and intimidation of Obama and the Democrats.  We tolerate it — we who suffer shady lobbyists and dishonest legislators – Democrat and Republican alike — holding leadership positions on powerful congressional committees and sub-committees and legislating, mandating, decreeing, and regulating without “the consent of the governed” – in outright defiance of the will of the governed — we who suffer the secret intrigues of unaccountable and unanswerable political czars, directors, cabinet secretaries, and an entrenched agenda-driven bureaucracy strangling our freedoms and our prosperity.

We’ve sat back and done nothing — we who suffer the socialist mayors and their liberal staffers bankrupting our largest cities – the community organizers, the big labor union bosses, the radical leftists, and the billionaire globalists subverting our economy, unraveling our values, and undermining our social structure – and activist judges and activist professors wielding their power and indoctrination from darkened hallways and smoky back rooms.

America’s enemies mingle freely among us — the community leaders, the university professors, the pundits, and the news media, the politicians and judges – all of them orgasmic in their own egos — parsing their words carefully as they foist upon us their faulty premises and worthless promises – the concepts and constructs just beyond our reach – the ever elusive Marxist utopia – the dirge and death-dance of a president who hates the people he serves.  What sweet grandeur it must be to lead the dumbed-down masses who seem content to sell their birthright as they beg for government handouts and craven crawl at the feet of demagogues and dictators, who let self-appointed community leaders orchestrate their mob-mentality.  It would seem the road to slavery’s dark lower depths is an effortless downward slope.

In the end, a people can only be conquered if they consent to being stripped of their morality and their dignity and rewarded for their laziness.  People can only be kept and conquered if their self-worth, individuality, and prosperity mean nothing to them – if God, their Creator — means nothing to them.  For God gave man his sovereignty and his dignity at birth – and abhorrent are those leaders of men who would have man bow to them rather than pray to his Judeo-Christian God.

Damned are We the American People – we who are the takers.  For once the individual is deprived of his soul, enslaving his nation is easy.

There is a gathering storm overhead.  Make no mistake – there is treachery afoot – and the quislings who are responsible for countless travesties, deceptions, and duplicities are vicious and mercilessly cruel.  America is overwhelmed and floundering.

Who will write America’s history the way William S. Shirer wrote the history of Nazi Germany?  The dark times are now, and while we still have a bruised and battered First Amendment, chroniclers had best begin now their history of Barack Hussein Obama and his gang of Third-World thugs.