The Root Gives Out Their Most Hated Whites Awards


The Root, a hard-left media outlet focusing on African-Americans who see themselves as victims, published an article Friday giving awards to its least-favorite white people of 2018.

They gave out their “2018 Wypipo Awards” for people “of the Caucasian variety.”

Columnist Michael Harriot wrote that “it’s just like the Grammys or the Oscars except the winner gets a golden jar of mayonnaise.”

The idiots think white people support voter ID laws because they are afraid black people won’t vote for them.

Actually, no! Whites support voter ID to reduce fraud, and we know, unlike Democrats, that black people are smart enough to obtain IDs.


They gave their number one award to Brett Kavanaugh and mocked him for crying. There was no evidence, and no witnesses for a 36-year-old crime alleged against the Justice, but that escapes these geniuses.

They gave white tears awards, just to be sure you know they are racists. One of the awards went to Sarah Sanders for getting emotional about immigrant children while “working for an administration that tosses children into concentration camps.” Concentration camps? They must have been thinking of Barack Obama who threw them in cages.

Melania got the same award for saying she was one of the most bullied while being married to a bully. They are entitled to their opinion, but they should know they are bullying her by giving her this award demonstrating their hate and bias.

Other awards were given to Roseanne Barr, Megyn Kelly, Susan Collins, Dana Loesch, Candace Owens, and others. It’s not worth spending another written word on these immature, tasteless people. If they were funny or clever, they might have gotten away with it.

Besides being idiotic, none of what they said in the piece is true, but all of it is racist.


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