The Silencing of Charles Krauthammer


h/t Herbert Richmond

The First Amendment fascists are after the brilliant and renowned pundit Dr. Charles Krauthammer. He made the fatal error of saying he wasn’t sure global warming existed.

Charles Krauthammer has said that he is not a climate denier or a climate believer. He said that the science is not settled and those who say it is are making “a crude attempt to silence critics and delegitimize debate.”

As a result, extremists put a petition online demanding that Krauthammer’s column not be printed in the Washington Post on Friday.

anti-First Amendment

Krauthammer told Howard Kurtz that the petition-signers “showed up just in time to make precisely the point I made in the column.”

“Tthey don’t even hide it anymore. Now they proudly want certain arguments banished from discourse. The next step is book burning. So the question of the day is: Can you light a Kindle?

“Is there anything more anti-scientific than scientific truths being determined by petition and demonstration?”

The Post did not cave. His column was posted.

The comments that destroyed global warming and got the advocates up in arms:

video via New Spirit

Full story at Fox News


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