The Southern Poverty Law Center Moves On – More Radical, More Hate, Part 3


In 2007, the Southern PovertyLaw Center (SPLC) moved on to a “Stop the Hate” campaign.

Working again with LaRaza, the US Chamber of Commerce and the SEIU, it was started to have an effect on immigration over ensuing years. Employers were happily pushing this campaign for the excess of low wage workers it would bring in.

Even Paul Krugman knew that although companies stated that Americans would not do the jobs, it was because of the low skilled workers brought in to perform them. The New York Times, not exactly a bastion of conservatism stated “Unlimited immigration was a need in the past in America. No one believes America can still support it. We have to choose the immigrants we let in and that can only be done by controlling the borders.

Now, the administration has no plan to deal with these challenges. In fact we are as close to open borders as ever, even with the weak economy, the threat of terrorism, and the proliferation of gang members crossing our borders.


It was in 2007 that Cecelia Munoz of LA Raza stated that “the assumption that everybody that opposes us is racist is false.

Cecilia Munoz

Cecilia Munoz

That attitude, and the following hateful disagreements would disappear when comprehensive immigration reform went down to defeat. La Raza then shifted to pointing at groups like Numbers USA, as hate groups of racists and xenophobes, who, with the help of talk radio caused a wave of hate.

Thus started the “Stop The Hate” at the SPLC against FAIR. Mark Potok was the main mover behind the campaign, and was the one who stated, “We hope to marginalize FAIR so they will no longer be a part of the discussion in the main stream media”.

Mark Potok

Laird Wilcox, called by the Los Angeles Times the country’s unofficial archivist of politics has said of SPLC “They want to marginalize certain points of view in our society and they do it by acting like a kind of certifying agency that decides who is extremist and who is not” and “an anti-racist industry” that has attracted bullying tactics.

Laird Wilcox

Laird Wilcox

The media has been complicit in the rise of the SPLC to its status of unofficial arbiter of all things extremist. The SPLC has been described as “a civil rights group in Alabama, with a history of monitoring racist organizations”, a “watchdog group”, “ a group that monitors and investigates hate activity across the U.S.”.

It was the New York Times that first mentioned SPLC and “immigration reform”. David Crary, a national writer for the AP showed that there were exaggerations of the threat to safety, and many of the “hate groups” were merely websites or chat rooms.

In 2009, Dees started writing letters to donors with the message that the SPLC was taking on the dangers of hate groups and that the SPLC was standing in the way of these hate groups, mainly one or two personal websites on immigration, and even post office boxes, 900 in all.

Morris Dees


Morris Dees

The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology wrote the “the SPLC’s work illustrates how the hate crime epidemic has been constructed in Dubious statistics”.Claiming the debate about immigration had brought about the hate and violence is the hypocritical core of what the SPLC stands for. In essence, if we stop the debate, we stop the hate and violence, that is the mantra for the SPLC.

The SPLC, not content with getting the Christian Family Research Council in Washington DC attacked in 2013 by Floyd Lee Corkins II, has moved on. It has now taken on the mantle as the champion of the Muslim terrorism.

In the summer of 2015, the SPLC issued an “Intelligence Report”, a list of 12 women it claimed were the core of the anti-Muslim radical right. Interesting is the fact that only women were included, and that no men, of which there are many who are anti-Muslim, were left out. This is an act that should be shamed in the mainstream media, but not a word has been spoken.

In Obama’s America, this is allowed to pass without any ramifications. If anything happens to these women, the blood is on the hands of the SPLC and Dees, and they should face the full force of the law.

These women included Pamela Geller, a woman who has fought against the Muslim infiltration of our country. Jeanine Pirro, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram also made the list simply for stating facts, and fighting the Islamization of our country.

Photos is top-down order, Laura Ingraham, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Pamela Geller,Ann Coulter.

Laura Ingraham Judge Jeanine Pirro


Pamela Geller

Ann Coulter

It was also the SPLC, working in conjunction with the Department of Justice under Obama that claimed the Catholicism and Christianity were examples of religious extremism and were compared to the KKK and Hamas.

In the June 2015 “Intelligence Report”, the SPLC has released a list titled “30 New Activists Heading up the Radical Right”, to try and silence those who speak up about the Islamist threat It encompasses such different people as the publisher of World Net Daily, the founder of the American Center for Security Policy, write Cliff Kincaid , in order to cast them as political opportunists and hardline Islamophobes.

Cliff Kincaid


Cliff Kincaid

Richard Samp of the Washington Legal Foundation, pictured below, stated that it is difficult to take anything the SPLC does these days seriously and that most of what they do is “simply fundraising puffery”. Once again it all comes down to fundraising.

Richard Sampp

There are threats to our country by Islam, and labeling those you disagree with as hate groups does not help anyone. The SPLC has inflated the hate and divisiveness in this country to epidemic proportions and has been responsible for a great deal of the violence we are seeing now. It is time for the SPLC to step aside or be investigated further to put an end to its irresponsible actions. Calling people bigots because they are concerned about Radical Islam is a disservice to the patriots who stand in the breech for the American people. It is time for the SPLC to go.

And still the lies continue: read this article at Canada Free Press to see what the SPLC has to say about the Charleston shootings.

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