The State Department Needs to Substitute Diplomacy for Weapons, Can You Help Them Out With This?


Who doesn’t support technology, contests, and asking for help from the American people? All good things right? Not when it comes to the State Department’s latest contest.

This government is a looney-rich environment. Everywhere you turn there is yet another loon-level initiative. The latest example comes out of the State Department in the form of a contest.

Are you a “solver” and an innovator? Do you know how we can control armaments and crazy people who want to kill us without having any armaments ourselves? Well if you think you do, you can win up to $10,000 from the State Department in a contest that needs answers to these questions! You will also get your own tin foil hat and a magic wand from Debbie “What’s up with her” Schultz.

The State Department knows they need a substitute for nuclear weapons and CIA intel as they destroy 80% of our current nuclear stockpile and make it impossible for the CIA agents to operate so they are asking the American people how to substitute diplomacy once our armaments are gone. [This is sooo looney tunes]

This is from an email about the contest they sent:

…We will collect new ideas about how these advancements [technological] can affect the implementation of arms control, verification, and nonproliferation policy. Can innovation bring about better ways to prevent “loose nukes” from falling into the hands of terrorists? Can smart phone and tablet applications be created for the purpose of aiding on-site inspectors in verifying and monitoring armaments and sensitive materials? How can we use what’s already out there in new and creative ways to address this important global objective?

 The contest runs until October 26, 2012 and is open to all U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Cash awards may vary with a guaranteed payout totaling up to $10,000.

Media Contact: Jamie Mannina,

They must be under the delusion that our enemies are so stupid they won’t figure out how to handle us when we are armed with computers instead of nuclear armaments. I know, we can shoot them with our iphones or hit them over the head with our iPads. Maybe I’ll just blitz the enemy with the Independent Sentinel. I’ll submit those ideas immediately.