The Sun, Moon, and Stars Will Cease to Exist If We Don’t Save The Pagosa Skyrocket


This is another reprint from August, 2011 to remind people about one of the implausible excuses presented for stopping the Keystone XL pipeline and drilling in general – it’s the Pagosa Skyrocket.

The fact is, plants and animals go extinct every day because that is the way of nature. Nature does great until until man interferes frankly. And, not for nothing, if the Pagosa skyrocket is so important,  can’t they transplant them? Unfortunately, with this administration, every unimportant everything in nature trumps humankind.

I am an environmentalist, most Americans are. We’re usually not crazy, however, and not using it to end civilization as we know it. You’re going to love the latest insanity if you are one of the people who wants to see civilization end for the sake of far left ideology.

Three subspecies of common flowers are going to be used to stop drilling. The claim is always that it is not their ultimate goal, but it always is the ultimate goal. We are heading back to the Stone Age as long as we let these loons tell us what to do. Apparently the government has no problem with it.

Everyone’s nonsensical thesis, paper, or document that has a scientist’s name attached, even if it is a crazy scientist and a crazy document, is being accepted by this government as legit. I should add that it’s legit as long as it shuts down all drilling of all energy sources.  

For instance, right now, any paper that says a common flower with a rare subspecies sitting where oil happens to be drilled is enthusiastically accepted by this administration. Then the administration takes this unknown, previously uncared about and still insignificant subspecies,  and declares it endangered and protected under the endangered species list.

Click here to read about the deceit that will destroy our energy industry. Some of the people orchestrating this type of bad environmental science are misinformed, some are zealots, most are totalitarians who want to control us, some are looking for the big bucks to be made from catering to the administration and the non-fossil fuel industries, and, finally, some are seriously certifiable.

The latest is three common subspecies of flowers, which are “endangered,” and that happened to be found in a paradise of energy resources that could actually get us off foreign oil.

via Fox News

“The recent placing of three Colorado wildflowers on the federal endangered and threatened species lists will make it harder to exploit untapped fuel resources in the Rocky Mountain State, a group representing the energy industry tells Fox News, an assertion the government denies.

‘What we’re seeing here is the federal government coming in and adding another layer of regulation,’ says Kathleen Sgamma, director of government and public affairs at Western Energy Alliance. Regulators are “saying we don’t care about … what the states are doing and what industry and nonprofit groups are doing to protect those species.’


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has listed the Pagosa skyrocket as endangered. The other two flowers, the Parachute beardtongue and the DeBeque phacelia, are listed as threatened. The latter two grow only in northwestern Colorado, which is also home to the 200-square-mile Roan Plateau atop massive reserves of natural gas, as well as oil in the form of oil shale…”

Read another interesting take here: The Endangered American Act by Lincoln Brown


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