The U.N. Appoints Three Jurists to Investigate Israel for the Sixth Time


Three U.N. “jurists” will be investigating alleged Jewish abuses against Palestinians. Among the “abuses” are Jewish settlements. [Settlements are nothing more than construction of buildings in their own country.] Naturally, the Human Rights group sees no need to investigate Palestinian abuses though there are abuses reported on both sides.

At least two of the “jurists,” Chanet and Jahangir have lodged significant prejudicial opinions against Israel in the past.

Why are we giving so much credibility to this global organization that attacks our allies and considers putting Syria on their Human Rights Council all while another agency of the U.N. wants to put Assad on trial for mass murder?

The Human Rights Council needs to be ignored. The entire U.N. needs to be ignored. Instead, we are signing treaties with the U.N. which places serious obligations on our country while countries like China, Russia and India don’t sign on.

“The terms of this latest investigation were framed in a 4-page resolution, co-sponsored by the Arab and Islamic groups, that omits any reference to Arab terrorism against Israeli civilians, including the hundreds of rockets fired recently from Gaza and Sinai into Israeli towns and villages.” Read at UN Watch

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