The Unions Join the Occupy Wall Street Anarchists

700 Unionized Pilots Cruising Down Wall Street

If you weren’t worried about the state of our Republic, you’d better start worrying now. The union presence at the occupy Wall Street Socialist and Anarchist rallies on Wall Street has been minimal, until now.

Unfortunately, today, the Air Line Pilots union has joined these fringe people who are advocating the overthrow of our government. Is this supposed to engender my sympathy? These people are traitors.

Over 700 hundred pilot activists, working for Continental and United Airlines, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) carriers, took their grievances to the streets as they protested for wages and benefits in light of a stalled merger between the airlines.

The unions have been behind this protest from the beginning, but the unions have held back on making their presence felt. I don’t doubt that they wanted to start with the most reputable looking bunch of entitled workers they could find. I just lost lost my respect for them and I don’t care what kind of contract they get, if they are so willing to join with people who are vocally advocating the overthrow of the United States government.

I will make it a point to avoid these airlines. How do supposedly reputable people march with people who say they are National Socialists (NAZI) and Anarchists? Where is our Ronald Reagan?

This anti-American protest is what President Obama called for, what Al Gore called for, what Al Jazeera called for, and we are sitting back? I guess we are all ready to abandon our Republic for the Socialist nightmare that is destroying our country. Read here: Here Come the Unions.

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