The View, a think tank for nitwits! Whoopi tells Meghan to stop talking



The View is unbearable. Whenever I am in my doctor’s office, this awful show is airing so I learned to bring my noise-canceling headphones. Somehow news of their shenanigans always gets back to us. Today was special with Whoopi telling the conservative Meghan to stop talking during their talk show.

Whoopi and the girls know literally nothing about the impeachment scam but they prattled on today as if they were experts.

Meghan McCain tried to steer them into making sense but Whoopi told her to stop talking. She’s fine with Meghan never talking again.

Joy Behar made up some story about Bill Clinton’s superior behavior at his impeachment because he went under oath [where he lied and perjured himself].

Sunny Hostin was angry with Republican senators.

Meghan McCain called out her virtue signaling hosts for talking ethics and not the politics of it. She said that was the job of the hosts.

They talked over one another with McCain trying to say something. They wouldn’t let her talk. Whoopi became angry and told McCain, “Girl, please stop talking! Please stop talking right now!”

When McCain said she wouldn’t talk for the rest of the show, Whoopi said, “I’m okay with that. I’m okay with that. Because if you are going to behave like this–” she began as McCain tried to defend herself.

Whoopi then cut to commercial.


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