The View Harpies Agree with Iran that Trump Has Mental Retardation


The harpies of The View sided with Iran in terms of the President’s intelligence. Whoopi and Joyless were quite floored when Sunny took exception to Iran’s evil Mullahs calling the President “mentally retarded.”

Goldberg and Behar jumped in saying “WHY? We say it, everybody says it.”

No, you two lovelies, everybody doesn’t say it, but you shouldn’t be siding with Iran.

Megan McCain agreed with Sunny.

McCain brought up the fact that Iran has no business judging what we do when they throw people off buildings for being gay and execute women for wearing tank tops.

Whoopi actually said, “let us not forget what is happening to gay people in this country.”


She seems to think the administration is going to make homosexuality illegal.

Trump has never suggested anything of the sort and, instead, has said the law regarding gay marriage is settled.

The View ‘ladies’ are a disgrace. With no evidence, they irresponsibly say the most awful things and some people will believe them.


  • How FAR the Dem party has fallen to “view” such lowlifes and listen to what they say pure unadulterated garbage.

  • Always accuse your opponent of that which you are guilty. These Charlies are letting their Marxism show.

  • These statements coming from a mob of dullards who are followed by a mob of mindless sycophants. This country is in sad, sad straits.

  • Let us see, I will bet that Trump has a higher IQ than any person on the view and the Ayatollhas of Iran. Anybody on the View wish to bet?