The NASA Vision, Gone, Along With 23,000 Jobs


Atlantis lifts off in November. The end of shuttle launches will cost Brevard County $90 million in annual tourism dollars and $5.6 million in annual sales and resort tax collections, estimated Rob Varley, executive director of the Space Coast Office of Tourism. / 2009 FLORIDA TODAY file

The NASA vision is gone. Once a dream of JFK and a hopeful nation, space travel is over for the United States. We are now relegated to occasional travel on Soviet space shuttles. President Obama has summarily ended the space shuttle program and with it goes at least 23,000 jobs to start. Hope & Change? Read here: Loss of jobs will be immediate

How much we will save financially is elusive but the cost to us as a nation is enormous. Certainly, tourism in Broward County will be greatly diminished.

It’s okay though, NASA is talking about going to Mars. I won’t hold my breath on that one. Read more here: WSJ


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