The Wisconsin Looking Glass – Make Your Choice


“It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Ok – You, sophisticated, know it alls, east coast elitists (sometimes like me!) Do you think we can learn to solve our financial mess from WISCONSIN! You bet we can!

Remember Gov. Scott Walker? Remember the “Occupy Wisconsin” thugs taking over their Capital? Remember the Democratic State Lawmakers “disappearing” rather than voting?

Time has passed. Let’s see what happened. What has Governor Walker done:

  • HE BALANCED THEIR BUDGET WOW! A 3 BILLION dollar deficit is NOW a 300 million dollar SURPLUS!
  • ALL public workers must pay 12.6 % of their own health care! (sounds reasonable to me)
  • Teachers are required to contribute 5.8% into their own pension! (not much compared to private sector workers)
  • Municipal Unions must collect their own dues instead of the state doing it for them! (this gives the worker a choice whether to join at all)
  • Initiated a school voucher program (most parents are for that)
  • Reduced business regulations. (Hello Dodd-Frank)
  • Tort reform (cost of healthcare lowered substantially in Texas, when they passed this)
  • Allowed local governments and school districts to hire and fire  BASED ON MERIT! Bravo!
  • There were NO NEW TAXES! (Unbelievable!)
  • He avoided mass layoffs!
  • There was NO increase in class size!  (the teachers union said he could not do it!)


Do I have to tell you how Gov. Walker is being repaid for this fabulous transformation?

You guessed it!

A union- sponsored Recall Vote scheduled this spring or this summer!! Do you believe it?

But, all is NOT lost!! His popularity has risen.

The business climate has skyrocketed especially since the Governor of Illinois, his neighboring state and home of our President, raised their income tax 67% to balance their budget.

Very few qualified Democrats have come forth to run against him if the recall succeeds.

And the cost of a new election is prohibitive (30 to 50 million dollars).

This is the most important non-Presidential Race this year! At stake is the economy of Wisconsin and our Country! 
Will Unions be able to intimidate everyone who dares to balance budgets and restore sanity to our government! 
Only time will tell.

PS- I urge you to call Governor Walker and show your support. If you do get to him, please try and pressure him to move to New York!!!  Thanks.

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