Then-FBI Director Robert Mueller Hand Delivered Highly Enriched Uranium to Russia


Robert Mueller, who is overseeing what many believe to be a witch hunt against Donald Trump, once responded to pressure to go after General Petraeus. He had already exonerated Petraeus but the politicians saw some political gain in pursuing the case further so Mueller did exactly that as a Wikileaks release shows. Mueller also had a peculiar role in delivering Highly Enriched Uranium to the Russians at Hillary Clinton’s behest around the time of the Uranium One deal.

Wikileaks published a cable in May in which Hillary Clinton discussed Russia’s alleged request in 2009 for a sample of Highly Enriched Uranium [HEU] seized from smugglers in Georgia in 2006.  The Russians waited two years? This took place around the time the Uranium One deal was being brokered.

The smugglers included a Russian national and several Georgians.

The cable was sent by Hillary and it was her decision to send the FBI Director Robert Mueller to Russia with the sample, not a scientist, not a diplomat, not an envoy, the FBI Director, a political FBI director and lawyer.

The U.S. was holding the seized Uranium and the Georgian government authorized delivering the sample to Russia.

An article by the Atlantic from April 2008 describes the interaction. Why did the Russians have to determine if the sample was HEU? The Russians never asked for the Uranium back until late 2009? They didn’t even want to acknowledge it was theirs so why? The delivery of the 10 grams of HEU [10% of the cache] was to take place in April and rescheduled for September.

Hillary wrote that she wanted to show the Russians she intended to follow up on this case. It is more of Hillary’s bizarre reset or something more insidious.


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