PC Alert: There Are No More Juvenile Delinquents or Convicts!



As part of Barack Obama’s criminal justice reform, he has eradicated the term “juvenile delinquent” and replaced it with “justice-involved youth” because it just flows so well off the tongue.

The term is already being used throughout the government’s youth delinquency system.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch used the term in a press release this week on a juvenile re-entry assistance program.

Through the Juvenile Re-entry Assistance Program (JRAP), DOJ and HUD are working collaboratively to help individuals that have paid their debt to society rehabilitate and reintegrate back into their communities. This program specifically excludes those who are convicted of making methamphetamine drugs, sex offenses or domestic violence.

“The Department of Justice is committed to giving justice-involved youth the tools they need to become productive members of society,” said Attorney General Loretta Lynch. “Providing meaningful support through housing opportunities, prevention programs and other critical services is vital to our ongoing efforts to reduce recidivism, promote public safety and foster positive results in communities across the country.”

Actor James Woods tweeted this: Whenever liberals slink behind metaphors, you know they’re covering up some lie: “justice-involved youth” is the latest load of crap.

Last week, in a speech announcing his criminal justice reforms, Barack Obama referred to “convicts” as “returning citizens.”

Barack Obama will ‘ban the box’ for Federal employees, meaning the box that asks if the applicant has committed a misdemeanor or felony will be obliterated. The criminal will reveal his/her criminal background well into the interview process and if they don’t get the job, they can sue. We will be hiring a lot more of the justice-involved youth and returning citizens for jobs.

We mustn’t call young, violent criminals “thugs” because it becomes a conversation about a word instead of the “pain” the thug has experienced according to Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Baltimore City Council President Jack Young said he was sorry for calling the Baltimore thugs “thugs” when they are really just “misdirected children”. He said it while standing next to gang members from the most violent gangs in Baltimore.

More justice-involved youth.



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Michael Baker
Michael Baker
6 years ago

Obama did not get rid of the term juvenile delinquent, that term was out of vogue in the 1970s long before Obama came on the scene shows how desperate he is wants to build his legacy on lies and stolen credit