There Are People Strung Up for Petty Crimes And Then There’s Hillary


reporter corraled like cattle

When you see how Hillary Clinton corralled reporters at one event as if they were cattle, one can begin to understand how she would be paranoid enough to hide her official correspondence, even breaking the law to do it. Usually we call this paranoia.

Hillary Clinton, who doesn’t give a fig for national security when it comes to her privacy and control over her legacy, could one day be one of the keepers of the Top Secret Launch Code for nuclear weapons. Do we really want her answering that 3 a.m. phone call?

If Hillary Clinton received Top Secret emails as Secretary of State and we know she did, and if she kept all her correspondence on her private server which she said she did, then Top Secret emails are on her server, or at least they were before she had the server professionally wiped clean.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Ms. Clinton would not allow an Inspector General at the State Department during her entire tenure. She should not have been allowed to rise above the law and ban all internal oversight but she did.

Barbara Wells, an attorney for Denver-based computer services firm Platte River Networks, which took control of Clinton’s server after their private email network was updated in 2013 or 2014, told The Washington Post that federal agents picked up the server from a data center in New Jersey on Wednesday and that the server “was blank”.

Wells told the Post that “The information had been migrated over to a different server for purposes of transition. To my knowledge, the data on the old server is not available now on any servers or devices in Platte River Network’s control.”

If it’s “migrated” why isn’t the FBI looking for the server it “migrated” to?

Hillary is still pretending this entire affair is trivial. “Look, this kind of nonsense comes with the territory of running for president,” said communications director Jennifer Palmieri, according to Fox News. “We know it, Hillary knows it, and we expect it to continue from now until Election Day.”

She even blamed Judicial Watch, a watchdog group that has gone after Republicans every bit as hard as they are going after her. They showed no mercy to George Bush because that’s not what they do.

While the FBI has turned a blind eye to Hillary and her shenanigans and to other public officials using personal email, DOJ Eric Holder has prosecuted our own CIA officials, lawyers in the Bush administration, and whistleblowers as spies, making no distinction between speaking with reporters and spying on our government.

Bloomberg reported that the Obama administration has prosecuted more government officials for alleged leaks under the Espionage Act than all his predecessors combined.

Using the Espionage Act as a front, the administration has made it into an effective tool to shut down leaks of information about government abuses.

The slightest offense can now land you in jail. Our government pursues whistleblowers as if they were all spies which was not the intent of the Espionage Act.

Journalists used to have a fair chance at protecting whistleblowers but no more in this digital world presided over by an Imperial president.

These leaks are extremely important in protecting the American people from an abusive government but they’ve been plugged up. In fact, the most transparent government ever won’t even follow FOIA laws, which are integral to protecting our democracy.

When the AP was investigated and the FBI conducted an unlawful sweep of their records, they said their sources dried up.

When Fox News reporter James Rosen was coming up with some hard-hitting exposés, he was secretly and unlawfully investigated as a spy. His whistleblower was sent to prison for years.

Overreaching agencies, more than 30, have conducted sweeps that included throngs of innocent Americans. It’s the same thing they did to the AP. They have a narrow right that they unlawfully broaden to give themselves rights they don’t have. In one case, the records of nearly 5000 people, who were customers of two men under criminal investigation, were shared with about 30 federal agencies. The information included their professions, Social Security numbers, and so on.

The case was over a published book that taught people how to beat the polygraph, which is a useless, inaccurate test anyway and should not be used for legal purposes.

The government is claiming that they are only concerned about security clearances.

People who were innocently investigated were nurses, firefighters, police officers, lawyers, psychologists, a cancer researcher, Rite-Aid employees, Paramount Pictures, the American Red Cross, and Georgetown University. Some of the victims never even bought the book and one ordered the wrong book by mistake.

Thomas A Drake

Thomas A. Drake, photo above, a former NSA employee, was prosecuted under the Espionage Act last year and faced a possible 35 years in prison.

His crime was to tell a reporter at The Baltimore Sun that an internally developed program would cost less and protect privacy better than a program the agency was about to buy for millions of dollars.

There were 10 felony counts of lying to investigators and obstructing justice lodged against him which fortunately collapsed and he ended up pleading guilty to one misdemeanor count of misusing a government computer.

The irony of all this is Hillary probably violated the Espionage Act, Section 793, which reads:

“Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note or information relating to the national defense…

…through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust or to be lost, stolen, abstracted or destroyed.

…having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust or lost or stolen or abstracted”.

Her problem is obviously the gross negligence.

Every government agency has been politicized, mostly under this administration. They all form one enormous and powerful executive. If the government wants to “get you”, they easily can, in fact, you probably break the law regularly.

Government eyes are everywhere thanks to modern technology and the government is using it without restrictions.

Hillary 2

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has committed several felonies in the way she handled government documents but there is no special prosecutor and barely one investigation. The FBI waited months if not years to secure the server and the thumb drive held by the lawyer.

The lawyer, her aides, her consultant and her tech need to be investigated. They did not have clearance to hold these Top Secret documents and they did not secure them.

Cheryl Mills was told to erase her correspondence by her lawyer but a judge has told her not to after Judicial Watch asked for an emergency stop order.  The FBI has not yet secured Cheryl Mills documents or Huma Abedin’s for that matter.

Tragically, the accounting firm, Arthur Anderson, was destroyed along with its 85,000 jobs on unfounded charges of obstruction of justice for destroying documents the Supreme Court said it had no legal obligation to keep.

The Fast & Furious whistleblowers paid the price for reporting on a horrendous government program that supplied arms to Mexican drug cartels without an FBI tracking system in place.

While no one responsible was held accountable, the whistleblowers were:

Agent Dodson was told he was toxic and could no longer work in Phoenix. With sole custody of two teenagers and under water on his house mortgage, Dodson found himself with no place to be and nowhere to go.

Agent Larry Alt took a transfer to Florida and has unresolved retaliation claims against the ATF.

Agent Pete Forcelli was demoted to a desk job. Forcelli is a respected investigator, with years as a detective with the New York City Police Department. He has requested an internal investigation to address the retaliation against him.

General Petreaus committed one of the crimes Hillary has admitted to and he did it with the least secure of government information marked ‘confidential’. He destroyed nothing, did not hold satellite imagery from spy agencies, or the location of Ambassador Stevens, or other Top Secret information. He conducted all his affairs on the government server.

A couple of years ago, Trevor Loudon of New Zeal Magazine was asked where are the whistleblowers?

Petraeus was humiliated, fined $100,000, and put on probation until after the 2016 election.

Former Speaker Hastert may not have committed crimes but has been indicted for behavior that looks improper, not criminal.

The most obvious crime she has committed, according to Jay Sekulow of Judicial Watch and Ann Coulter a constitutional attorney, and Mark Levin, a lawyer and president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, is 18 U.S. Code § 2071 which prohibits destruction of government records. There are several others she has violated.

Hillary willfully and deliberately set up her documents to evade the law, leaving them open to enemy spies. She banned any watchdog oversight and she destroyed the documents on the server. She broke all the rules and lied about it every step of the way.

It’s not only her crimes and the fact that her chief aide is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood through her late father, mother and brother, it’s her lack of success in any position she has held.

Hillary is proud of her Russian reset which never reset. She couldn’t even get the words on the button right when she handed it to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

reset hillary

When asked to name her accomplishments, she couldn’t come up with any nor can anyone else. Even The Daily Kos harshly criticized her complete lack of success as a New York senator – she never followed through.

Is this the woman you want to hold the secret code for the nuclear bomb?


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