There Is A New Executive Order You Really Need to Know About



Government agencies are preparing to collect more data on us thanks to a new executive order. They will use the data to “tweak” messaging and “nudge” the populace. They will use it to experiment on us.

Barack Obama issued an executive order Tuesday titled, Executive Order — Using Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the American People. Don’t be fooled by the “to better serve the American people” part. He has authorized experiments on the American public.

The first paragraph of the order says: A growing body of evidence demonstrates that behavioral science insights — research findings from fields such as behavioral economics and psychology about how people make decisions and act on them — can be used to design government policies to better serve the American people.

They say they are going to use the psychology and behavioral science to create policies that serve the American people. They are also going to develop strategies with it to message Americans on issues the government has taken on.

Government agencies will be encouraged to collect and preserve data on everyday Americans to use for their scientific research.

Barack Obama is already maintaining massive databases on every American, many of them by race.

The use of behavioral sciences by government agencies could lead to manipulation of the masses with government propaganda. We have already seen a number of warning signs.

The new HUD mandate, for one, is being encouraged with commercials.

The mandate is officially billed as the Affirmatively Affirming Fair Housing (AFFH) rule and it was finalized this week. It requires communities that take any federal grants to identify and eliminate deviations from mandated demographic and socioeconomic ratios and quotas.

It’s social engineering of the worst kind and it isn’t popular, but the government has already begun to propagandize the idea.

The plan is to put the “marginalized” in “wealthy” areas. That means putting minorities, presumably including illegal immigrants and refugees, in all areas. Any area that has fewer than 50% minority is subject to the importing of minorities under this rule. Every neighborhood is currently being mapped so they can move us around like chess pieces.

Randal O’Toole, a senior fellow with the Cato Institute, says the new rule micromanages lifestyle decisions traditionally made by individual families.

“If you read the rules, they go down to the Census tract and neighborhood level,” O’Toole said. “So, not just cities or suburbs, but Census tracts have to be reflections of society or the urban area they’re in.”

The Fair Housing Act is putting out ads to manipulate us into welcoming it.

If you listen to abc news radio in Long Island, you might have heard The Fair Housing Act ads paid for with your tax dollars. A young girl with a Spanish accent comes on (it’s actually an adult with a phony accent) and raves about how she loves her neighborhood and then rattles off several foreign-sounding last names as examples of people she loves in the neighborhood, and at the end she adds, “and the Murphys!” It’s very transparent. This blatant government propaganda was probably put together after they consulted their behavioral scientists.

The executive order formally establishes the federal “Social and Behavioral Sciences Team.”  Psychology and experimental behavioral data will be used to make “government more user-friendly,” the government claims.

It was used during Barack Obama’s campaigns.

That could be where they got the ideas for the Orwellian-sounding AttackWatch and Truth Team .websites Those were propaganda websites used to rip into Republican opponents, mostly with lies and exaggerations.

Your tax dollars will pay for all this and for the new team.

john holdren
John Holdren

A study released today out of the White House indicates that behavioral science has already helped the government target specific populations. It was signed by John Holdren, science czar.

“When behavioral insights—research findings from behavioral economics and psychology about how people make decisions and act on them—are brought into policy, the returns are significant,” the report notes.

This initiative draws on research from University of Chicago economist Richard Thaler and Harvard law school professor Cass Sunstein, Obama’s regulatory czar

Cass Sunstein wrote a book on the “nudge theory.” He wants to “nudge” the populace into thinking the right way. Western governments, including the U.S., have been nudging us by going into websites and into blogs to manipulate people, spread false reports and defame those who disagree. It’s meant to “nudge” us into thinking appropriately. Is this what we can expect from government behavioral scientists?

Cass Sunstein
Cass Sunstein

The pilot program for this executive order showed that by tweaking messaging, more service members enrolled in retirement programs and benefits, more students made payments on student loans, more people enrolled in Obamacare, and more farmers applied for federal loans.

Barack Obama spent at least $700 million tax dollars on trying to convince people that Obamacare is great. The ads were nothing but propaganda and we paid for it.

Presumably, the girl with the accent telling people how her neighborhood of foreigners is great will make suburban New Yorkers more welcoming.

The new executive order will likely lead more government agencies to use and store data from randomized research trials on everyday Americans to understand their behavior.

Obama’s executive order codifies “tweaking” and “nudging” into law and it will be used by every government agency at taxpayer expense. Big Government at its finest.


Source: Breitbart

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Mary Crum
Mary Crum
7 years ago

Government tweaking and nudging us to think the way Government wants us to think. They want to take away our right to think for ourselves. They say they know what’s best for the populace. That is a crock. They are only elected politicians. That’s all they are. They are not gods.

7 years ago

I have long refused to identify myself by “race” (there is only one race – human) or any other demographic title. The ONLY meaning they have is so government can divide people into groups to better control them.

Dr. Ellen
Dr. Ellen
7 years ago

Science at its worst…

John Smith
John Smith
7 years ago

When the next generation of enslaved Americans ask their parents “why did you let this happen to us”. I Wonder what their answer will be !