There Is a Rogue Among Us


There Is a Rogue Among Us

by David Reavill

On Tuesday, the world awoke to the realization that there is a force unleashed that completely disregards human life and welfare. It’s when we found out the Nordstream I and II pipelines had been destroyed.

In this monstrous act, the perpetrators had put thousands, perhaps millions, of lives at risk. Whatever their motivation, and whomever this was aimed at, the result will be that many in Germany and other Europeans will need to survive this coming winter without the heat and energy that those two gas pipelines provided.

Swedish Seismologists felt the first of three massive explosions on Monday night in the pre-dawn hours. The most significant registered was 2.3 on the Richter Scale. And it would take just such an enormous explosion to breach these cumbersome, very thick tubes.

Interestingly, no one observed any ships in the area at that time. Explosive devices had been set earlier and detonated then. Now the pipes were in deep water, nearly 300 feet below the surface. It took highly sophisticated divers or submarines to place charges at that depth. Further, the timing and magnitude of the explosives indicate that only the most highly skilled, technologically advanced force could conduct such an attack. In short, this was likely an entire military operation carried out by one of the world’s major navies.

Investigations are already underway in Sweden, Finland, Germany, and others to determine who this perpetrator might be. After all, this act of sabotage affects all of Europe. The Russian Gas supplied by the two Nordstream Pipelines has been a boon. Cheap, clean-burning Gas from the Russian tundra has been the go-to energy source as Europe has moved to a more environmentally sensitive, less polluting way of life.

Germany has been at the forefront of this Green Movement. And now Germany is most at risk from this cutoff of Russian Gas.

Whatever the motivation or later justification for this action, there can be little doubt that this will profoundly harm Germany. One-quarter of all its energy comes from natural Gas. And Gas is the supplemental energy source in times of great cold or when renewables aren’t fully functioning. The Nordstream Pipeline supplied Germany with fully half its Natural Gas Supply.

Of course, that’s gone now. So now we can see how in one brutal act, the lives of many can be a risk. Cold is a stealth killer, creeping into poorly heated homes and apartments. The elderly are particularly susceptible. Often living on a fixed income, they may be unable to maintain their home’s temperature to a safe level. And they slip away, dying for lack of heat—the heat provided by the Nordstream.

For the rest of us, what Germany and others in Europe are about to suffer, should be a wake-up call. And alarm that there are forces in this world that run counter to all that is decent. Since the last major war in Europe, World War II, the Western World has established a network of institutions designed to control such behavior as this. The United Nations, the International Court of Justice,  and the European Union were all established just so that major powers do not suddenly go “Rogue.”

But, in complete stealth, some significant power has decided in the dark of night to bring great harm to people well removed from any other conflict. The Nordstream Pipeline’s destruction appears to be a Rogue State’s supreme act. If, as many suppose, this attack was somehow related to the events in Ukraine, then how could interrupting the natural gas supply to Europe be in any way justified?

When an individual goes Rogue, it’s a crime. When entire nations go Rogue, it is a Tragedy of epic proportions. As civilized people, we need to come together to condemn this act and all who were involved.

Then I saw a beast rising out of the sea. It had seven heads and ten horns, with ten crowns on its horns. And written on each head were names that blasphemed God.
Revelation 13:1

Then I saw a beast rising up out of the sea. It had seven heads and ten horns, with ten crowns on its horns. And written on each head were names that blasphemed God.

Revelation 13:1



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8 months ago

Why do World Wars always seem to start in Germany? Without Natural Gas, will Germany attack France to take over it’s Nuclear Energy? When France surrenders to Germany (again), we will know that WWIII has begun!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
8 months ago

Good information. This implies a deliberate explosion and not a construction problem that led to failure of joints or manufacturing problem in any of the main “tube” sections.
Thanks to M. Dowling for having people like David Reavill share material with us.