There Is No Correlation Between Gun Laws and Murder Rates At All


by Pete Calamusa

The concept of gun control is nonsense; the second amendment has a purpose!

There is no correlation between gun laws and murder rates at all. Therefore gun control laws are useless in saving lives.

Evidence by state and by country:

  • New Hampshire-has loose gun laws murder rate 1.1 per 100k (one year)
  • UT- very loose gun laws murder rate 1.8 deaths per 100k (one year)
  • New York- strict gun laws 3.1 deaths per 100k (one year)
  • Illinois- strict gun laws 5.8 deaths per 100k (one year)
  • U.S.-loose gun laws 4.88 deaths per 100k (one year)
  • U.K.-strict gun laws 1.1 deaths per 100k (one year)
  • Norway-loose gun laws .6 deaths per 100k (one year)
  • Lithuania-strict gun laws 5.98 deaths per 100k (one year)
  • Mexico-strict gun laws 16.1 deaths per 100k (one year)

There is absolutely no correlation as shown above between gun control laws and murder rates. As shown, there are places with loose laws that have high murder rates and places with strict laws with high murder rates vice versa there are places with loose laws with low murder rates and places with strict laws and high murder rates. There is as a matter of fact no pattern. The U.K. have tightened there gun laws and over the past two years have seen a rise in their murder rates.

So what is the determining factor? It’s cultural.

  • Utah has loose laws and less per capita murder than Illinois that has strict laws because of the difference in the Mormon culture and the inner city culture of Illinois (Chicago).
  • Norway with its loose laws has a way lower murder rate than Mexico who has very strict laws because the Nordic culture is much more passive than South American culture.
  • That can be seen even in the cultural differences between eastern and Western Europe the UK has strict laws with a murder rate of 1.1 deaths per 100k (one year) and Lithuania with just as strict laws on the same continent has a murder rate of 5.98 deaths per 100k (one year). The difference is the cultural differences between Eastern and Western Europeans.

So the gun control argument is nonsense and is not backed up by one statistical fact. Which brings us to why there is a purpose behind preserving our second amendment rights. The answer can be found in the words written in our Declaration of Independence and in the words of the founding fathers.

Thomas Jefferson wrote:

“The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government”

This doesn’t mean there should be armed rebellions over every little bit of dissatisfaction with the government. What it means is that under extreme cases where a Hitler, Stalin or a Mao style oligarchy come to power and use the full might of the government to enslave and murder millions we have the right to abolish that government through armed revolution.

That’s what the 2nd amendment above all other reasons is for. If we do not have 2nd amendment rights when God forbid such monsters come to power it will be much too late to get it back and arm ourselves in time to stop such tyranny.

The mistake of having disarmed civilians under these regimes throughout the 20th century has lead to the deaths of hundreds of millions. That is why we have a second amendment, that was the intent of the founding fathers. Not just to go hunting or even protect your home but to have a citizenship that could fight a standing army. We have never been close to needing to use the 2nd amendment in that capacity, hopefully we will never need to but just in case it needs to be there if our darkest hour ever comes.

So to summarize there is no connection between gun control laws and murder rates; culture and learned behavior is to blame.

The 2nd amendment is there yes to hunt and for self defense but more importantly to stop tyranny. Those who seek to place blame on current gun laws are putting up a false narrative through either ignorance or an agenda that’s filled with malice.

The sad reality is that the gun control issue wastes time and diverts attention from society getting to the bottom of the cultural reasons behind violence (fundamentalism as an example). Until the gun control issue is swept aside and we start concentrating on the cultural issues we will never slow or halt all the violence.

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