There Must Have Been a Lot of Rogue Cops Running Around This Weekend – 25 Shot in NYC


A 15-year old NBA hopeful, a good kid, was murdered in a drive by by gangbangers in NJ this past weekend, but the real problem is police officers of course.

Killed in the shooting was 15-year-old Armoni Sexton, a top scorer and rebounder on the varsity team at the Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology.

At least three others were shot and wounded.

Armoni was a rising star but there will be no Al Sharpton marches for him. Barack Obama won’t see him as the son he never had.

They’re concentrating on the real problem of rogue cops.

In under 48 hours, twenty-five people were shot in New York this weekend, nineteen are dead as New York looks to become as lawless as Chicago thanks to the feel-good leftist policies of the leftist mayor who is, by the way, hoping to be drafted for the presidency.

More than a dozen people were shot in Brooklyn, eight in the Bronx, four in Queens and one in Manhattan.image

On Friday night, 11-year-old Tayloni Mazyck (photo above) was standing outside her Bed-Stuy home waiting to be picked up, when a gunman opened fire, he was apparently aiming at two men who were standing nearby. She survived but might be paralyzed.

One teen was killed at an anti-gun rally. Leftists think taking guns from legal gun owners is the solution.

They’re looking for suspects but DeBlasio could tell them where to look – look for rogue police officers. They’re the real problem.

It’s good New York put an end to stop and frisk so criminals’ rights aren’t intruded upon.

These crimes are wanton murders by gangbangers but let’s look for rogue cops.

Dont hold your breath waiting for Bill de Blasio to recognize the real problem or take appropriate action.


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