There Never Seems to Be a Time When Mitt Romney Isn’t Despicable


Utah, what have you done to us?

When the bizarre Elle columnist came out with an even more bizarre story of Trump raping her decades ago in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room, an event she found “exciting,” both Mitt Romney and Joni Ernst called for an investigation of the President. They jumped right on the unserious complaint of many years ago. They didn’t care that Bill Clinton has three far more believable rape claims against him, starting with his college days in England.

There is almost nothing President Trump can do to please Mitt Romney. Yet, Romney has no problem with anything the left says or does. Romney does not criticize the Democrats’ call for open borders, universal income, free healthcare for illegals, high taxes — unless it concerns corporate taxes.

Democrat candidates detail their plans to implement socialist and communist policies and he has not one harsh word for them.

Antifa goes to every peaceful protest by right-wing groups and assaults them violently. Romney remains silent. Antifa describes themselves as anarcho-communists.

What Mitt is concerned about is a Saudi citizen, who wrote occasionally for The Washington Post to spread propaganda. Khashoggi betrayed the Saudi Prince and planned his overthrow. While his death, if the stories are even true, was unacceptably brutal, none of it is our business. Our business is the flooding of anonymous people through our borders, the terror cells likely set up in the United States, the silencing of conservative voices, the outrageous debt, the abject hate coming from the left.

It’s not Romney’s business. His business is only to attack the President.

Mitt Romney began the year with a vicious article attacking the President, but Tucker addressed it in his own unique way. Tucker made note of the fact that Romney grew wealthy off of other peoples’ misery.

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