Flooding the U.S. with Re-Categorized Illegal Immigrants


Jeh Johnson

Jeh Johnson wants to end long-term detention for foreign families who come here illegally. He wants detention discontinued and that will undoubtedly happen soon.

Once families are determined to be eligible for asylum or refugee status, Jeh believes they should be released from detention.

Dick Morris says this is part of an effort by the Obama administration to re-categorize illegal immigrants as refugees. The U.N. has a formula to re-categorize illegal aliens as refugees and they could compel us to do it if they say the people are fleeing some situation.

It would put the illegal immigrants on a fast track for citizenship. We could have millions of unassimilated foreigners voting in elections in the near future.

TISA, the treaty that is coming behind TPP, has sections that could allow a flood of cheap labor into the U.S.

American manufacturing has been decimated by foreign competition and now the service industry will be as well. If a hotel, for instance, wants to bring all of its service employees to the U.S. to work for the same wages they would get in their home country.

The revelations in TISA caused Ted Cruz to change his vote on fast-track last week.

TISA will enact global rules that impact the Internet, bypassing the transparency and accountability of national parliaments. It focuses on services instead of goods.

The Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) is an international trade agreement between the U.S. and 23 other countries including Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Taiwan and Israel. The agreement aims at liberalizing the worldwide trade of services such as banking, health care and transport.

It is the evil sibling of TPP. It is covered by fast-track authority.

Wikileaks released new sections of the agreement two weeks ago. If the U.S. becomes a party to all or some of the provisions of this agreement, the U.S. would be required to “change its immigration laws” according to Rosemary Jenks of Numbers USA.

Breitbart and VDare came to the same conclusions.

Ten pages of TISA deal exclusively with immigration.

Rosemary Jenks, the Director of Government Relations at Numbers USA, said those 10 pages make it absolutely clear that the administration is negotiating immigration.

Since 2003, a Senate resolution said no immigration provision should be in trade agreements. Hillary Clinton voted for this resolution.

The U.S. Trade Representative who wrote TPA and told Congress that the “U.S. is not negotiating immigration– or at least is not negotiating any immigration provisions that would require us to change our laws.” However the leaked portions of the treaty seem to say otherwise.

On page 4 and 5 of the agreement, about 40 industries are listed where potentially the U.S. visa processes would have to change to accommodate the requirements within the agreement.

There would be no requirement to show there aren’t U.S. workers available for the job.

On page 7 of the agreement, it suggests, “The period of processing applications may not exceed 30 days.” Time constraints would inevitably lead to rubber stamping of visa approvals.

There is a footnote in the application process that notes the inefficiency of face-to-face interviews which we know are invaluable.

On page 4 of the agreement. It only provides an “[X]” where the number of years would be filled in for the entry or temporary stay. That means our 7-year limit would have to change and Obama could do it constitutionally with fast-track authority.

TISA also impacts privacy laws which you can read about at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The deal presumes that spouses of L-1/B-1 visitors who stay for 12 months should also get visas.

TISA also has “language about “independent professionals” that is very non-specific and it could be an attempt to allow self-petitioning.”

“Finally, the total impact is uncertain because even after the agreement is signed every signatory needs to publish a schedule of industry sectors that they will allow business visitors, contractual service professionals and independent professionals to enter.”

Barack Obama is a serious and dangerous globalist. If there is any way that he can use these trade agreements to violate our laws and our sovereignty, he will.

More information on TISA on this link.



  1. Nationalism provides the maximum opportunity for freedom to operate under the laws of establishment, whereas internationalism, by the very nature of its system, is susceptible to despotism. Why? Because internationalism subsumes individual and national interests in order to accommodate the largely irreconcilable interests of many nations..

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