There’s a Reason Adam Schiff’s Panicking Over Release of the FISA Docs


Devin Nunes, Chair, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Laura Ingraham interviewed House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes Monday night about the news that the President has declassified key documents in the Spygate scandal.

It wasn’t long ago that Rep Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee wanted documents declassified. It’s quite different now. He’s frantic and desperate to stop the release.


In a panicky, desperate tweet, Adam Schiff accused President Trump of abusing his power by declassifying the FISA documents. This, of course, is ridiculous because the President is well within his authority.

“President Trump, in a clear abuse of power, has decided to intervene in a pending law enforcement investigation by ordering the selective release of materials he believes are helpful to his defense team and thinks will advance a false narrative,” Schiff wrote. “This is evidently of no consequence to a President who cares about nothing about the country and everything about his narrow self-interest.”

Schiff’s afraid the American people will see how the Democrat Party created a fake Russia narrative. The only ones who colluded with Russia are the Democrats. This needs to be exposed.


The reason Adam Schiff is so upset has nothing to do with abuse of power. It’s transparency he’s afraid of. Nunes believes we will all know what the ‘insurance policy’ is — what they actually did. Rep. Nunes thinks the insurance policy is their actual plan.

“It will be the 20 pages of the last FISA approved on Carter Page, which will have basically everything in it from No. 1, 2, 3, and 4,” Nunes told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “A lot of people think getting the FISA warrants on Carter Page was the ‘insurance policy.’ We believe it was more than that. We believe that the ‘insurance policy’ was specifically what they did that is still redacted. The president has ordered [those to be] declassified.”

We will also get to see the witness interviews which includes the interactions among “rotten apples”, including Christopher Steele and the FBI.

“There are about a dozen Bruce Ohr 302s [Editor’s note: 302s are memos of witness interviews]. Those are significant not just because of FISA, but they show the interaction between Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, and many other rotten apples within the FBI that were up to no good.”

He also believes there is exculpatory information in the documents.

“Additionally…there are text messages between the top leaders at the FBI the President ordered declassified. It’s a great day for the American people.”

Laura Ingraham noted that Schiff is worried about being exposed.

Nunes said liberals and the mainstream media have been sipping too much of the Trump Derangement Syndrome Kool-Aid.

“The mainstream media is buying the Kool-Aid that this is going to ‘endanger national security,’” Nunes said. “It is laughable that they are saying this will somehow ‘endanger national security.’ This is really full transparency for the American people.”

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