There’s No ‘Anthony Weiner Statute’ So He Might Be Allowed to Violate Espionage Law


Senator Graham was able to get FBI Director Comey to admit Anthony Weiner had no right to the classified documents on his computer but he wouldn’t come out and say it was illegal and someone should be prosecuted for it.

Weiner having these documents was dangerous to our national security if one looks at it circumspectly since he would be easy to blackmail. Did Weiner share these emails with anyone?

If Anthony Weiner can get 6,000 new, classified emails and not face criminal charges then why are they going after Wikileaks? Wouldn’t it be the same espionage law? Why can’t Wikileaks receive them? There’s no Wikileaks statute.

When pressed by Graham, Comey, at one point, said, “There’s no Anthony Weiner statute”.  That seems to imply, Weiner does not face justice because the rules don’t apply to him unless they name him.

This is funny. Listen.

Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner were investigated and absolved for misuse of classified information because the FBI couldn’t prove either had any criminal intent. The investigation was concluded without Weiner even being interviewed.

Therefore, if Huma and Weiner say they didn’t know it was illegal, it’s okay for them to share classified documents illegally, according to Comey’s reasoning.

Comey also said he didn’t think Weiner read any of the emails. Naive?

Only a Clinton or a Clinton pal can get away with letting classified information end up in the hands of a pervert like Anthony Weiner and call herself a victim.

While the FBI Director made it clear there were thousands of new classified emails found on the Weiner email, CNN’s liberal tool, Jake Tapper is screeching that there is nothing to see here.

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