There’s Something You Need to See in the Immigration Prioritization Guidance


Look at number 5 on the new immigration prioritization guidance. The media hasn’t paid much attention to it yet. This could be a lot of people, especially in California and New York.

Illegal immigrants reportedly collect more in welfare than American families, but it might be legitimate, according to a 2012 study.

According to the immigration control advocacy group, Center for Immigration Studies, which broke down federal cost data from 2012, the welfare payout to likely illegal immigrant households averages $5,692 yearly, compared with the average $4,431 welfare payout to non-immigrant households collecting the benefit.

The CIS analysis study points out illegal immigrants are barred from directly receiving welfare, but may obtain it through their U.S.-born children. That would not be an abuse of the program.

If they collect through fraud, that is a criminal act.

Enforcement of the Immigration Laws to Serve the National Interest DHS  on Scribd

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John L. Battey
John L. Battey
7 years ago

Look at number 4 on the new immigration prioritization guidance.
“(4) have engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with any official matter before a governmental agency:”
This could be something as simple of registering to vote, but would also include using a fake or “borrowed” Social Security number.