There’s Something Wrong With One Lawyer Defending a Moore Accuser



As we have said before, if Roy Moore did what he is accused of doing thirty-eight years ago, he needs to step down immediately but he says he’s innocent. In this country, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The Republican Party is trying to address the issue. Moore’s opponent Doug Jones is far-left and supported by George Soros-funded groups. It’s a conundrum.

Personal injury attorney Paula Cobia is representing one of Moore’s nine female accusers, and, as any attorney would do, she is attacking anyone who attacks her client. That isn’t the concern. What is troubling is she did something similar to what you would see from a political propagandist, she went after Sean Hannity with false allegations after one of his staff simply asked if her client would appear on his show.

What Cobia did with that response and her threats against Moore supporters is much more than representing her client.

Hannity gave a very tough interview, but interestingly, Media Matters was the first to spread the lie it was a softball interview. They went after his advertisers with that bald-faced lie.

Attorney Cobia is following up on the same deceit by claiming Sean Hannity would abuse her client.

Cobia responded to the invite by Hannity’s staffer, saying thanks but “I would never submit a survivor of abuse to the inevitable on-camera bullying and persecution by him.” She also claimed Hannity chose to support Roy Moore which he has not done in any way at any time.

Hannity recently gave Moore 24 hours to convince him he was innocent and Moore responded with a letter which Hannity read. From there, he has let viewers decide. Unless Hannity targets Moore, the left will accuse him of supporting Moore.

These claims by the alleged victims are nearly 40 years old and hard to prove or disprove. One of the victims is a rabid Democrat and Gloria Allred is representing another. One of the women, Leigh Corfman, is very convincing, some others are not.

Cobia stated a lie in her very public response: “Mr. Hannity has belittled, defamed, engaged in an on-air intimidation campaign against the victims of Mr. Moore.” She falsely added: “He gave Mr. Moore a lazy, softball interview which his own panel did not find credible.” The latter part of her statement disproves her contention. He had a more liberal panel, including Geraldo Rivera, to be fair to the complainants.

Furthermore, Cobia said “it’s laughable” to “assume Mr. Hannity is capable of conducting a fair and balanced interview.”

Those are the statements of a left-wing political operative, not a woman defending a client. All she had to do is say ‘no thanks’. She could have also admitted the truth, which is her client will only appear with people who will give her a softball interview.

It is important to note that currently, CNN and Media Matters are teaming up to knock Hannity off the air.

Cobia is preparing lawsuits on behalf of the client Gloria Deason against Moore for defamation. It is meant to silence Moore so he can’t defend himself. Cobia said she will sue anyone who defends him. She will sue supporters and appears to view defenders as defaming her client.

This is voter suppression. You might as well stand in front of a polling place with a baseball bat.

Albama reporter, Josh Moon tweeted: “Paula Cobia, attorney for Moore accuser Gloria Deason, says she is preparing lawsuits against Moore and any other individual, including politicians and church leaders, who publicly defamed her client and put Deason in harms way.”

It appears that to her, the very defense and support of Moore is defaming her client.

Bots and leftist accounts are tweeting Cobia is a hero but didn’t she go too far? If someone makes a nearly-forty year old claim, can’t that person and supporters defend against it?

Cobia says Deason stands to gain “no glory, no financial compensation, no justice,” yet Cobia is preparing lawsuits.

There is something wrong with Paula Cobia politically and that needs to be looked into and soon. Maybe she is just making a name for herself but something is not right here.

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