Theresa May Might Lose Majority to a Party Run by a Hardcore Leftist and Anti-Semite


Update: Theresa May has lost 8 seats and the majority in Parliament just as Brexit began. The Labour Party led by the Communist has 28.6% of the seats. There are calls for May to resign. Her gamble to have an unnecessary snap election failed.

The Conservatives have a hung Parliament. Conservatives have the most seats and get first crack at forming a government. The Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland is the only deal she can make. They won 10 seats and it would give May a slight majority. It’s been done before.

The Communist Corbyn says he is “ready to serve” if the Conservatives can’t form a government.


The last time Britain had a hung Parliament was in 2010 and after five days, the Conservatives were able to form a government with the Liberal Democrats.


Original Story

Theresa May’s Conservative Tory Party has likely lost its tremendous majority, the largest in nearly two decades. May was able to make it happen in only two years. The opposition has been making hay out of her firing police and it gained traction after the latest series of terror strikes.

Communist and anti-Semite, Jeremy Corbyn, who is leading what might be a Labour Party rout, stands to pick up so many seats she will lose the majority.

The results of the exit polls are being called “catastrophic” but they’ve been known to be wrong. May would keep her seat but lose 66 seats in Parliament.

Trying to get Brexit through with the Labour Party opposed will probably be impossible.

Bret Baier also called it a major upset.

The Sterling took a dive.

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